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  • CR7 back to United it seems. Some transfer window for them.

  • Mad he’s costing them just a few hundred grand more than they originally paid Sporting for him. Good business for them on the face of it, interesting to see how Ole handles the ego.

  • Hoping this will go horribly wrong.

  • Would be hilarious. Interesting to see how their best (Portuguese) player deals with it.

  • If you’re referring to Bruno, hasn’t he been involved with helping the deal by talking with Ronaldo this week?

  • I don’t doubt it, I just mean when they actually have to play together on the pitch.

  • No more Bruno free kicks, get ready for Ronaldo to take every single one. Penalties as well but at least he scores those.

  • Are his free kicks even all that? At one stage he was 1 in 72 for Juventus.

  • His free kicks are garbage. Scores a few amazing ones but wastes so many.

  • tierney should come back to celtic - spare him the indignity of playing for this mob

  • This Arsenal side is playing like they want to be relegated. Fucking hell.

    Thousands of unsold tickets for the last home game againat Chelsea too. The owners have gone and fucked it.

  • fundamentally just don't think arteta's up to the task

  • Most of the people I go to games with agreed with you last year but I didn't quite agree with them. Can't argue with that opinion now.

  • Let’s not forget Arsenal have spent more than anyone else this summer. Arteta needs plenty of time for the new guys to bed in. At least until Easter - they should be safely relegated by then.

  • I wonder if BFS is treating himself to an anticipatory pint of wine?

  • Fucksake. 7 starters out with injuries + another covid outbreak. Pretty scratch team out including a couple of kids. Could be a tricky afternoon.
    Still - not arsenal, so swings and roundabouts.

  • Gonna be another busy weekend for Arsenal fan tv.

  • Phew that 1st 15 20 mins of the 2nd half was tough. But after that thought Chelsea managed that well. Red felt harsh but by the laws of the game I guess he had to go. Denying a certain goal blah blah blah. Great defencisve display.

  • Great defensive play by Chelsea, I liked them all going down with cramp at the same time too!
    Can't believe there was only 3 minutes added on.
    Liverpool need to find another way of getting past defenses like that.

  • Will kovacic ever score had a great chance.

  • Liverpool ran out of ideas mainly becausese of Chelseas compact and organised play. Having Silva to bring on was good.

  • Still baffled that Liverpool have never bought a really good midfield playmaker who can split a defence and release Mane/Salah behind the opposition.

  • Thiago was meant to be man I thought.

  • Pretty sure Kovacic booted one in from miles out against Everton in our brief but enjoyable ‘Big Dunc at the helm’ period.

  • Ah yeah one of his two goals in all competitions I think. To be fair to him I though he was one of the best in that 2nd half.

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