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  • I get that. See 'finishers' in eggball. My (claret & blue tinted) view is that Grealish is more likely to pick a pass to unlock the Italian defence who I think will cope more comfortably with the Sterling and Saka/Sancho pace threat. But certainly an argument for tiring them out for an hour first. As I've said all tournament, I still don't think there is a need for both Rice and Phillips and would have preferred to see one more attack-minded player throughout - Rice/Phillips, Mount/Bellingham + Grealish/Foden would have been my midfield.
    But hey - we're in the final so ¯\(ツ)

  • But hey - we're in the final

    Unless we get kicked out for shining laser pens in people's faces. Not sure if there is a risk of that though.

  • Not really. The FA will get a fine that will help pay for more watches and champagne at UEFA HQ in Basel.

    You can't stop laser pens getting into a ground, just think of how intensive the searching would have to be at the gates to stop that.

    The next sanction tends to be reduced attendance at games, eventually throttling it back to almost nothing. That's the only real way to get the message through to the twat head fans who do this (other than reviewing game and stadium security camera footage to see if they can work out who it was.)

  • kinda felt like Denmark passed through our midfield with ease yesterday which was somewhat concerning. Im not sure we press very well, we seem to press half heartedly, create gaps and then a simple pass cuts through us. Is there a stat on successful presses/turnover of possession?

    Played well overall though and Denmark were definitely hanging on for large parts. Towards the last 15 minutes I felt another goal was almost inevitable, they were a pass away from a goal scoring opportunity on several occasions but just maintained possession. Was good to see some wise heads!

  • this is what it sounds like to me anytime expresses pro england sentiment online

  • Just be happy for them.

  • sorry I thought this was the football thread

  • Oh just fuck off Mogg you victorian fuckwit parody of fuckwit

  • Sort of want

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  • Do want

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  • lol

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  • Are we the Millwall of europe and do we care?

  • These were something else!

  • Has it come home yet?

  • I may be wrong in this, but I always thought the whole ‘it’s coming home’ line was about a major football tournament being held in Britain, the ‘home’ of football. As opposed to a ‘we’re going to win the tournament’ sentiment? I guess that’s what it’s become now. Maybe I should tweet David Baddiel to clarify.

  • Amazing. Were they for 94 wc in America remind me of hockey/ American football tops

  • And so bleary thoughts turn to the ultimate test: Italy. The best team in Euro 2020 so far. Undisputed world football heavyweights. And, let’s face, just an outstanding nation in general: Leonardo da Vinci, buffalo mozzarella, Monica Bellucci, Negronis, the Venus of Urbino, the scent of neroli blossom, gelato, Elena Ferrante, La grande bellezza, central defenders carved out of Carrara marble, the suspicious moustache of assistant coach Alberico Evani... I mean, ti amo and everything. But I’m afraid we must now beat you at football.

    ftfy, no mention of Sophia Loren

  • Here's a photo of Raquel Welch in a Chelsea strip, the season for yentzing is almost upon us, boys and girls... Not sure I'm gonna bother getting up for the final, it's doable but 5am... Ugh... I don't care enough...

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  • Ohh come on...

  • This may be of interest to someone. A friend of mine has 2 tickets for the Final at Wembley on Sunday ⚽️⚽️⚽️

    He paid £300 each including accommodation but he didn't realise when he bought them months ago that it was going to be the same day as his wedding! If you are interested, he is looking for someone to take his place!!

    It's at Burnley Registry Office, at 4pm. The bride's name is Deborah #itscominghome 🏴

    If Deborah has any sense, she’s ditch this fool for a handsome Italian chap

  • If I had a pound for every time I’ve been sent that one… I’d have about £6. Not quite enough for a can of Heineken at London’s famous Wembley.

  • Stamford Bridge's groundman BITD was jokes.

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