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  • being english ? simply vile. couldn't be me

  • Except in this game.

  • good result. lovely header for there equalizer . Looking forward to Belgium Russia tonight.

  • I got lucky with tickets to the Scotland vs Czech Rep game and to say I'm buzzing is an understatement. I'm taking it as a must win right off the bat.

  • nice one enjoy it :)

  • Fuck anyone watching this. Chest compressions on Erricson. Fuck fuck

  • Listening, sounds horrid.

  • I remember seeing Feher dying on the pitch live. This is fucking horrible. I'm shaking.

  • I turned over after the third stoppage for stupid clumsy clattering of each other, did anything happen to him before he collapsed?

  • No no head clash. He just dropped. Horrible 😞

  • No sign at all, closeup of him just before he looked perfecly normal, 3 steps later and he was on the ground eyes wide open. Horrible doesn't cover it.

  • I'm in fucking tears here.
    Hoping he will be alright.

  • Disgusting TV direction closing up on him on the floor when his team mates were trying to cover it up. Then the cherry on top filming his wife fucking shame. Ridiculous.

  • Yeah utterly horrendous. Can only imagine they thought he'd get up. But when the defib came out, that's got to be cut the cameras.

    Hope he pulls through.

  • I hope he pulls through. Scary shit.

  • Wtaf, one wpuld think the tv direction in copenhagen would be more civilized

  • I feel guttered. Fuck

  • Looks a bit brighter. But still fingers crossed.

  • Just got home and about to turn the telly on when the texts started. Couldn’t turn it on as don’t wasn’t to see something like that. Please be ok, Christian.

  • Reports that he has been stablized and on the way to hospital. Thank fuck. Let's hope for a full recovery.

  • UEFA tweeted that he has been stabilised in hospital.

    Not entirely sure what that means, but hoping it leads to a positive outcome.

    Edit: Denmark statement issued that he is awake in hospital. 👍

  • They cut away for streakers then go for close ups of a lady who thinks her husband may have died ffs.

  • Stabilised news was good before I left the kitchen, got some appetite back

  • Not only stabilised but concious even, that's great news. Hope he isn't damaged on the long term physically

  • Horrible evening in Denmark. Happy it sounds like he'll be alright

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