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  • Great final day to the season, however I’m still fuming about the ESL fiasco. In a parallel universe where I ruled and dish out punishment..

    Same. Still seething.

    I suspect that the main reason no punishment has been dealt out is possibly because the ESL teams didn't really break any rules in a way that isn't heavily open to interpretation and therefore heading towards a hugely expensive legal battle.

    Then again, maybe EU competition and level playing field laws aren't an issue after Brexit.

  • Weird season, it can only get weirder for us in the coming days... Who would have thunk we'd be without Frank, finish top four and lose the FA Cup and CL finals inside six months? Weird, alright...

  • Totally crazy. Happy for Tuchel that he made his target of top 4 event though Jorginiho tried his best to put a Spanner in the works. Thanks again spurs... for Bale'ing Chelsea out of a situation...

    Gonna try to enjoy next weekend as in my eyes it's a very unexpected bonus.

  • Gonna try to enjoy next weekend as in my eyes it's a very unexpected bonus.

    I only wish I could watch it with @cornelius_blackfoot in the Effra... I'd even buy him a drink for his part in seeing off the Foxes yesterday...

  • only Man city defended it better apparently... no one saw that around march.

    Getting in the CL for next season is pretty pleasing with those kids in defence. To be fair to Williams though he looks better at the match

    What happened to Everton in the end?

  • All that Spursiness that The Sheriff took with him to Ligue 1.

  • What happened to Everton in the end?

    Although we dropped a few places on the last day, it was not so much 'the end', but the home losses to fulham, sheffield united, newcastle and burnley along with draws to the likes of palace and spurs that set us up for the inevitable disappointment. In true Everton style, it was significantly more disappointing than expected. How we manage to look so good and so absolutely dire in the same season is a mystery. We have a very little pace and lot of dead wood that we really need to get off the books.

  • Looks like my euro 2020 ballot was successful so I’m going to the Czech Republic game at Wembley on the 22nd.

  • Naymar's pen..., 😖. Good mind games a from the keeper

  • Well in the kids. FA youth Cup winners, giving Liverpool a bit of a schooling. Couple of cracking prospects there for us.

  • Squires on form, as usual:­interactive/2021/may/25/david-squires-on­-the-final-day-of-the-2020-21-premier-le­ague-season

    It was a tough season for the Reds. They were the first side in history to suffer some injuries, but they never complained about it...

  • Ride reference was good.

  • The jack grealish pic made me spit my coffee out.

  • What channel is Europa on?

  • BT sport or look up footy byte

  • BT Sport streaming it free on YouTube

  • youtube it is!

  • Bet @jonny is torn right now.

  • Been a shit game so far.

  • Shit keepers or good penalty takers?

  • Good pens I think

  • Keepers taking penalties and @jonny will be fizzing with excitement.

  • De Gea... Oops.

  • De Gea lol

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