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  • if we hadn't 1-4 trophies in the last couple of years, i'm sure i'd be more pissed of with our current slump


  • Where do (did) you sit?

    WSL, aisle 3 personally

  • i thought this was a plastic only zone?

  • Last couple of Chelsea posts have a strong mumsnet vibe

  • Dear chap, I am going to have to defer to you on what a mumsnet vibe is. The only mumsnet I have read are the threads on CentreParcs and PenisBeakers. Not sure if anal sex or genital washing at what you were alluding to but if so, perhaps you could explain. Or did you simply mean that as another way of expressing disdain for those who breach the thread rule and actually go to games?

  • This may be of some interest as we head to the final stretch, likely only for CL places I suppose.

  • Haha! I was referring to the abbreviated codes that you were using with your stylish Chelsea friend.

    WSL? - Wrinkled Submissive Lover?
    MHL? - Middle-aged Hostile Life-partner?

    Not sure about Aisle 3 or Row Y. Maybe another clue to the secret lives of the stylish season ticket holders :)

  • you are forgiven then:

    West Stand Lower
    Matthew Harding Lower

  • you are forgiven then:

    No need to forgive @roboto Like all of our diminutive Derby supporting chums he is AHK [at his keyboard] and probably clad only in underpants.

  • Haha,

    Really miss going to the bridge on match days, you can't beat it.

    Managed to get a few decent away trips last season too (or was it the season before?).

    Managed to tick Anfield, Old Trafford, Molineux, Three-point Lane (new stadium) and Turf Moor off the list.

    £7-25 in the local at Burnley for three pints of larger and three bags of crisps I knew how my mate feels when he goes to visit his in-laws in Leeds and his father in-law says "alright lad, you brought yer Southern pounds then?"

  • Lol...Villa, Everton have more potential points as W Ham and Chelsea and Liverpool. Spurs the same and W Ham and Chelsea.

  • Really miss going to the bridge on match days, you can't beat it.

    I went to one of the two games for which they allowed a limited number of supporters; the dead rubber Champions League match.

    It was a strange experience. I foolishly went by Overground, my first and only foray on public transport since early March last year. That was deeply unpleasant.

    I arrived. Nowhere to meet anyone. Everything closed. Sitting alone as both my STs are in my name and one could only buy one seat so I couldn't take a daughter. Went into the ground and sat down. Didn't see anyone I knew.

    I realised that social interaction during and either side of the game are a huge element of the enjoyment.

    The game was a little dull. Only interesting thing was quite how vocal Kepa was. In the second half he was down our end and was shouting throughout, positioning not just the back four but the midfield as well. Much more vocal than the Russian goalkeeper had been in the first half.

    The match finished and I walked off through streets that showed not sign that a match had been played and caught the thankfully empty Overground train home.

    Didn't have to put up with commentary from Ian Darke and Glen Hoddle which was a plus but all in all a curious and somewhat interesting but rather flat experience.

    Hope we get back soon.

    I was an away season ticket holder in the later Bates and early Abramovich years and have always enjoyed the away end atmosphere than just about any one can get in a home stand. That said, long drives home from mid week matches in the north east are not missed.

  • That is one of the best bleakest reviews of football.Imagine if you'd been living through the Rafa years in a pandemic.
    The art that would be generated.

  • What he said, no pants here.

  • Laporte last season
    Kane every month or so

  • sounds pretty grim. TBH I didn't even bother applying for any of that set of games.

  • Carlo blowing on his coffee after goal 5 went in.... Class.

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  • What a win for Everton. Gotta be pleased for Ancelotti.

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