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  • Loving watching West Ham this season. Rice and Soucek a wonderful midfield pairing, Ogbonna and the bargain loan Dawson providing a solid relationship in central defence and Lingard seemingly fitting straight into the squad.

    I wasn’t over the moon when Moyes was reinstated as manager, it seemed a step backwards. But I’m happy to hold my hands up as he’s proved me wrong.

    If only we could’ve signed another CF

  • Martinez let in three in his onion bag tonight. Of which, two, he definitely was at fault. Pains me to say both shots from that shitbag J Lingz, Jlings...Lingard

  • Soucek is a potato salad eating goal machine! Best team in claret and blue by a country mile...

  • i was enjoying that football in the last part of the match . Slick stuff. Nice to see Benrahma starting to click.

  • Yeah, I wish he’d managed to hit the target rather than shooting over to get him off the mark.
    However his all round game is looking good, his work rate is exemplary.

    Another thing about Moyes he’s got the whole squad grafting. Under Pellegrini I think we had the lowest distance covered be game in the league. I wouldn’t be surprised if we’re one of the top teams this season, a complete change of mindset.

  • The softer fun loving side of Dyche.

  • Yes. I blame me for that. Still - we're not going to win every game. Shame to have lost after being robbed in the reverse fixture. Only a few more points till safety.

  • solidarity with the hamilton commentator who got sacked for announcing on air that he was late for the second half because he needed to "do a wee jobby"

  • Burnley fans probably creaming themselves over this. Oh look, it's our boss, int he like one of us, goes t'pub and know how to bantz. Cringe how much of an overconfident prick he is. Though, for balance, he does know how to set up a team to fight and give the annual 'free hit' to citeh.

  • can someone please explain timo werner to me

  • can someone please explain timo werner to me

    2020-2021 Chelsea
    2021-2022 Bournemouth
    2022-2024 Preston North End
    2024-2026 Aldershot Town
    2026-2026 Barnet
    2026-2028 Sutton United

  • I mean fair fucks 78 goals in 127 for RBL is a decent record but every time I'd seen him play for chelsea he's radiated big 'picked last in PE' energy

  • He's too fucking nice...needs an injection of Costa (no fucks given). Plus needs to get his brain in sync with his quick feet.

    Werner should have taken the penalty he himself won.

  • I rate Werner, he does seem to very much be a confidence player though. His movement is great though and he got so much better at leading the line at RB. Chelsea have played a lot slower than RB and teams in the prem are far more compact. I think he'll come good under Tuchel.

  • Best league in the world n all that, coming into physical games as well isn’t always easy... he’ll need a bit of time and grow into it... he looks like a different player tonight which is nice to see

  • I think it will come he is making so many runs but not being picked with an early pass. His touch is terrible atm tho.

  • 7 out of 9 and three clean sheets. Not a bad start under Tuchel.

  • Spurs didn't turn up for the 1st half. But was a good performance from Chelsea. Jorginiho kova and mount were all v good. I'm being won over by Tuchel with his attitude and interviews . I think I had the wrong impression of him from my reading. Of a stern prickly dour man but that's not what I've seen so far. Admittedly it's good start do he's bound to be happy

  • I think I had the wrong impression of him from my reading. Of a stern prickly dour man but that's not what I've seen so far.

    I think he's a bit of a nobber, if I still drank I wouldn't wanna go out on the beers with him... But if he wins games for us IDGAF, this isn't a charisma contest it's fucking soccerball, it's serious fucking business...

    On the subject of nobbers, it was very nice to be gifted the three points by Eric Dier...

  • Weird thing about that Dyche interview is that while it’s supposed to make him look jokey and human it somehow makes him look like even more of a psychopath.

  • Has any team been top of the league and relegated in the same year? Asking for a friend #southampton

  • I like his enthusiasm and the fact he's a bit of a tactics Tom nerd.
    snd yes it was quite nice Eric Dier handed them points over. Also nice to see Jorginiho smash a pen 😁.

  • I can see Sqires having a bit of fun with that.

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