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  • uuurgh horrible.

    Hopefully the Italian FA will deal with it correctly.

  • My money says they will sweep it under the carpet. The general level of excuse bandied around is that zlatan was merely alluding to the statement made by Moshiri as though that makes it a non racist term of abuse.

  • Ibrahimovic has always been a prick, this is a new low, though.

  • I thought you got it totally wrong


    Anyway, would've taken a point before the game.


  • the battle to avoid the uefa europa conference league hots up

  • Copa Libertadores - I wonder if a game of football is going to break out after all this am-dram first half ..... they all seem a bit too highly strung
    Wasn’t like this at the Hawthorns earlier .....

  • Awful performance from the toffees today. Worst since we last played Newcastle. Callum Wilson can’t not score against us, someone needs to boot Shelvey 6foot in the air, though.

  • It is a big game for them, so not really surprised by that. Still kinda cool to watch, very different football from what I'm used to. Machismo theateresque type of play that is more socially accepted or something like that. Let's just say I'm less annoyed than when it's European league football.

  • Have always said how good VAR is. Good to get back to winning ways.

    (VAR is still shit)

  • Machismo theatresque play acting with added tattoos and male grooming ... ! It’s all a bit pantomime - which is a shame for such a showpiece game , horses for courses ... and I’m glad Palmeiras get it with the one good exact bit of football ..... I think I’d have struggled with extra time .....

  • VAR is shite, but it’s set a precedent and both of the controversial decisions tonight were correct. Simple as that.

  • I think they'll try but even their likely ("what, what you on about? I didn't say nuffink about race; what Lukaku's black?") defence of no reference being made to race will surely be undone by a something akin to 'denigration of a player referencing religious beliefs' (whether their's or otherwise). Interesting to see if increased support of Lukaku arises and thus heaps pressure to deal with Zlatan.

  • Bit of a treat for me to be able to watch a live game, Alonso back in! Interesting, let's see what we get cuz Burnley always play well against us...

    In other news Brisbane Roar have moved to my local stadium... It's in the same complex as my closest supermarket and my podiatrist... Amazing... Think I'll get along to a few games seeing as I can walk to the ground in under fifteen minutes, maybe get my corns looked at while I'm there...

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  • Those corns caused by too much bike walking?

  • It must be the tight loafers and SUV lifestyle... Bikes, what are they?

  • think i might go and wave a liverpool scarf in the general direction of the team bus at 2pm ish

    if i can rouse myself from my armchair

    a year ago last friday we beat west ham 2-0 to move 19 points clear at the top, what a difference a year makes

  • Alonswho?

  • Glorious goal!

  • Alonso doing an Alonso. what a finish. Aspi and Alonso up front next week

  • nice interview with wasnt what i expected from what i have read of course he was happy with the result but was was warm and enjoyed the way he was talking about Werners dry spell

  • Some good results this week!
    Jones is very good to watch.

  • the battle to avoid the uefa europa league hots up

  • Spurs have not looked themselves since they won the league back in November.

    If West Ham finish the season above, Chelsea, Spurs, Arsenal.. expecting a victory parade around the Olympic Park..

  • transfer window slamming shut
    harry redknapp arm out of the window
    sonmeone waving a purple dildo behind the presenters head
    lets cut to reporter x outside stadium y for news on player z
    late breaking news
    last minute dash along the m4 for a medical
    they are faxing contracts over as we speak
    at *looks at watch, 3 minutes to deadline we hear breaking news of .....
    whats happening kammy
    -blank confused stare from phil thomson
    he's been spotted outside the ground
    flighttracker showing the plane has just landed at city airport

    ah transfer deadline day

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