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  • It's really rustling my jimmies that we have 2 games in hand. We would have top 4 or 5 pretty much all season on the same number of games as everyone else, yet we're bouncing around upper mid-table. I'm sure that's where we'll eventually finish, but it would have been nice to enjoy some plaudits while we were up near the top.

  • Jack Grealish's shorts are certainly getting plaudits.

  • He’s ranked 59th on the Guardian’s top 100 players. Normally I’d have a rant about it but considering it’s the festive season I’ll let slide.

    Happy holidays!

  • Happy holidays one and all.

  • You're right - it is embarrassingly low. Shows how little the pundits look at clubs outside the top 6 (see my earlier point).

  • For a limited time only, I am extending my best and seasonal wishes to all who make this thread the community that it is. Love you all xxx

  • City didn’t get Brentford in the semi - did they forget somebody’s bung?

  • I don’t normally get my knickers in a twist about such stuff but Lukaku higher than Son and Kane in the top 100 footballers?

    Not sure I watch enough Italian football to know my stuff 100% but he’s nowhere near those two.

  • Let me guess, Spuds fan?

    While we're here... Why the fuck does anyone give a toss about top footballer lists or how much (and what kind of) press coverage your club gets? It's 100% bollocks...

    Now let's stop wetting the bed, shall we? Tho' I know that's tough for a Spud...

  • wishing you all a merry xmas and a happy new year

  • Ditto

  • Yep very much this fellas. Don't get too pissed

  • Happy Christmas!

  • Merry Christmas and a Happy New Manager (fingers crossed, fuck off Lambert)

  • Happy Christmas!

    May all your wishes come true. Unless it’s to beat the Albion, in which case it seems a waste of a wish.

  • i'll just take world peace then

  • Merry Christmas!! ☺️

    Even the Spuds... 💿

  • Merry Christmas, fellow footie fans! Chelsea forever, fuck the rest of ya... 💙💙💙

    A day early in upside down. You should be getting your xmas gift tomorrow.

  • I’m not a Spurs fan. Simply able to appreciate that those two are a bit special.

  • Ta Tonts that's a good deal. 👍Done

  • LOLlie Watkins - he just can't score today, but he's getting into great positions and making intelligent runs.

    Villa have looked excellent - it's looked like they're the side who've had the extra man in the second half.

  • Villa are quite an easy side to like. Great keeper, good young players who are generally likeable (still not sure about Grealish but at least he's loyal), a local lad and fan managing them.

    I keep hearing about Leeds being everyone's second favourite Premier League team - does anyone actually like them, with their posh striker, manager on a bucket and racist sub keeper?

  • i'd like to like leeds but bielsa just makes me feel uneasy every time i see him on the tele
    i don't think i'd like him as my manager, that brooding edge of madness vibe would put me off the game

  • Really looking like a decent team now. Feel for Ollie in that - couldn't have been closer. Great performance all round. Tougher games coming up but what a transformation since lockdown.

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