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  • The sheer amount of footy that took place on the school field opposite my house after lockdown was lifted was phenomenal. 2-3 games every weeknight and 5-6 every saturday/sunday. Bit of a shame, but hopefully will be back in time for games to be called off because of frozen ground or snow.

  • Gutted for my son, he trains 3 times a week and plays every week, sometimes twice. He really missed it in the spring. There is minimal COVID risk in my humble opinion

  • Gutted for the group of kids we organise every week. Especially as my daughter is showing signs of being Gennaro Gattuso. (I hope)

  • As much as he is a detestable character (racist (before BLM) and his 'chat shit get banged' moniker) got to hand it to Vardy, keeps banging them in! No opposition is spared.

    Can't begin to understand opposition team analysis as part of playing against Leicester but is he that much of an unstoppable player as are Messi, Ronaldo? Can you not mark him out of games, man mark, tactical fouls etc etc? Baffles me that a simple plan can't be adopted by so called top managers. Really surprised Bielsa and his 'research' couldn't contain yesterday night despite highlighting the threat.

    Must have some sort of shout for England due to form.

  • Biesla stubbornly refused to adapt his tactics to take account of Vardy, which was incredibly stupid.

    Vardy is a much cleverer player than he is given credit for and the way he is now linking up with Barnes and Under, as opposed to Maddison and Tielemans before, makes him very hard to play. Focus to much on Vardy and it will create space for one of the others, and he will become a provider. He's very good, but the one thing he can't do well is hold the ball up, but he's rarely asked to.

  • I'd agree he's a very clever player, and the fact Liecester have goal threats all over the place makes him so much ore dangerous. However if I was forced to put money on one premier league player taking performance enhancing drugs, it would be Vardy.

  • Barnes

    I miss him so much. Great player.

  • Always fun scrabbling around for players for a 5-a-side league game.

    Tonight it's supposed to be S vs W but due to lack of players it's going to be:-

    3 players from S and 2 players from B vs 2 players from W, 2 from P and 1 from B

    P (my team) didn't even enter the league this 14 week season as we knew we'd struggle for players (due to injury, relocation and procreation) so the remainders have been pimping ourselves out as 5-a-side guns for hire (and some are desperate enough to take us up on that offer).

    This is one part of 5-a-side I won't miss for the next "4" weeks.

  • S vs W?

    whatever happened to Tops v Skins ?

  • Ha, abbreviated team names to preserve some level of anonymity.

    (Also shit 5-a-side team names...)

    Although one of the days of the classic "Inter MyNan vs Inter MyGran" derby.

  • Sausages v Wieners?

    Plus 2 players from Bangers on the Sausage team and 2 from Pepperoni and 1 from Bangers on the Wiener team?

  • I don't know about that...

    Klopp clearly had past success and a philosophy, and seemed to know what he wanted from the team. Solskjaer seems to have neither.

    One of the reasons Solskjaer looks particularly bad now is due to the comparison with Liverpool - it's hard to imagine United making rapid progress towards reaching Liverpool's current (or last season) level within a similar timeframe.

    I don't really like Klopp and I did always like Solskjaer - but I don't think they're at the same level, or anywhere near.

  • a near perfect game, and given all the pre match chat much unexpected, the newcomers have slotted in really well and our defense doesn't look awful without vvd, plus we have a good depth of squad these days

    loving this team at the minute, the front three all do exactly the same thing and can switch positions infinitely through a game, you never know which player will be where, must be a mare to defend,

    ditto the midfield again switching in and out of each others positions with ease, covering when one pushes forward, left to right

    jota has slotted right in, he doesn't do anything special he just does things and they seem to work, more direct than bobby too

    atalanta are the perfect team for us to play attacking lots of room behind and few defenders , city play a similar way

  • play a similar way

    An implied prediction for the City game, 0-5. Ok, tuned for Sunday.

  • Jota scores the chances he gets, Firmino often doesn't. Wonder how much more time Klopp is gonna give him to pick it up.

  • Liverpool vs Atalanta was quite the match! Jota paying off his transfer fee early.

  • my daughter is showing signs of being Gennaro Gattuso

    What kind of hormone treatment will get her a beard like that?

  • Firmino

    I love Bobby, but he has to be looking over his shoulder right now. Jota is on fire.

  • Banking £7m for Frank and his team and hiring someone like Cocu is possibly some of the best business this yentzing season.

    This has aged well.

  • Thanks. I’m crying.

  • Is it worth taking him off ignore to see what he said?

  • It will only make things worse.

  • Mamadou Sakhou won his libel case against WADA. Good on him.

  • +1 Utterly shameful what WADA did and I don't think money always makes the taint any better. Doping allegations needs to be backed by incontrovertible, unequivocal evidence. To allege doping for a substance not on their banned list illustrates the level of incompetence at WADA.

  • Cocu having to self isolate after a meeting with the Derby board where one of the attendees tested positive for Covid later on. Abu Dhabi takeover imminent after being approved by EFL (no one is sure if the guy in charge is the real deal or just using a family name to justify wealth). Team firmly in the relegation zone and would be bottom of the table completely if Sheff Wed didn't have any points deduction. 2020, the year that keeps giving. DCFC, the club that would make the best Netflix football documentary ever.

    We will lose to Barnsley tomorrow.

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