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  • heehee. Don’t really want Liverpool top but would be happy for Southampton to take three points

  • the top 7 right now


    good old football

  • We got to 5 pointe one game early. Any result against Burnley is a bonus now.

    Frank now wants homegrown managers to be shown more respect allegedly. I hope we continue to build on our two consecutive clean sheets and start adding goals into it. Frank gets baited into answering questions that are not about him way too easily.

  • Bartomeu announces that Barça are up for joining a ESL and subsequently resigns. WAFC

  • man that was a boring game last night
    we spent the first 60 mins trying to butter them up but they refused to get buttered, we ran them round the pitch but they didn't tire, we tried to pass them to death hoping they'd get bored of chasing but they just kept harrying us right to the end and almost drew with a late chance, tricky tie vs atalanta next

    on a positive note jota gets liverpools 10,000th goal he's the best of recent purchases, keeping minamino on the bench, one for the future

  • The mighty Royals live on Sky tonight, tune in and educate yourselves. Still available at 10/1 for the title, fill your boots

  • Todays spontaneous "Derby County Is A Fucking Madness Of A Club" news...

    Sheikh Mansour's older, richer brother-in-law - Shekh Khaled (no relation to the DJ) - is supposedly about to buy us...

    I was unsure of how I felt about it until I read that they want Slippy G to mange us... from next season. Not sure how Cocu would feel about knowing that it's even more pointless trying to get this team playing well together.

    No thanks on both accounts.

  • You will find a person called Chris Samuelson is involved with this consortium, who is an absolute shady chancer of the highest order, and nearly bankrupted Reading with various shady deals

  • Ooh. That's bad. He was also involved in the dodgy Dr Xia's Chinese Villa takeover prior to being saved by our current owners.

  • Apparently he’s made the introductions and will have no further part in the setup. Still not sure how this one will play out.

  • I just take comfort in the thought that nothing could be worse than the maxwell era.

  • So, what does impending lockdown mean for the football? Obvs nobody’s going to games this season (not that anyone here ever did), but will they still be playing?

  • I dispute that.

    Also, I’ve been going to games now too. Have a season ticket for Royston town in lieu of my West Brom one.

    I imagine it’ll carry on because they have all the testing in place.

  • Would Slippy G go to the championship? fair play if he did but wonder if his ego would let him

  • my dad worked for him in Oxford in the 60's. Even then he was known as the bouncing czech

  • I dispute that.

    Do you mean you reckon there'll be fans in stadiums by end of season? Can't really imagine that being likely, given the utter shambles around pandemic mgmt in this shithole country.

  • Will there be enough of the demographic who go to football alive and earning enough to go to football?

  • only players will have enough money to go watch each other on alternate weekends

  • another game we go behind but fight back to get three points, from 60 mins on we ratcheted up the pressure pushing higher and higher up the pitch creating more and more, the 2nd goal was inevitable in the last 20 mins, jota has to be pushing for bobbies spot after recent performances by both players,

    top of the league

    damn you villa

  • Great stat:

    No one in the Premier League has conceded more than Liverpool since they were crowned champions.

  • Who's scored most? Villa?

  • Don't think so. Though we did have the most points since lockdown (1) up till last weekend. Don't know if that's still true. See how we do tomorrow.

  • I don't know, the Twitter account I stole that from didn't include that bit!

    Liverpool are top scorers this season as well as top conceders - that's how they're still top. But top with a goal difference of +2 and more goals conceded than any other team is not that great.

  • Villa have "only" got 12 this season (Liverpool have 17, Chelsea and Spurs 16) but they've also got 2 games in hand against some of the teams around them.

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