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  • If I were an Man City fan I would be worried - Guardiola talking down their chances before the game because of injuries, given the team they were still able to field; Guardiola saying Leicester "didn't want to play"; Rodri saying Leicester were lucky... They've just shipped five goals at home (if that matters anymore), so you would hope that - behind closed doors at least - their analysis of the opposition's tactics might be bit bit more insightful. Not coming across as entitled spoilt brats - "football hasn't been fair to us" - would be a start.

    So, Liverpool's title to lose, obviously...

  • So, Liverpool's title to lose, obviously...

    Hmm. Something something chickens, counting...

    Nice to see the thread hasn't descended into a "death of football" storm over the weekend's handballs*. Jenas and Fletcher struck me as rather jingoist on MOTD2 last night, ranting about the EPL being the best in the world, and that it shouldn't follow the FIFA rules applied everywhere else.

    (*Obviously helped by the fact that one of them shafted Spurs...)

  • It’s very much a case of ‘where next’ for City. Obviously you’d never sack Guardiola because he’s raised the bar for the whole league but it’s hard to see him at City after this season.

    That said, I thought Leicester were terrific. Barnes and Castagne are a different class.

  • depends on what Roman's ambitions are Rich ;) a lot of clubs that used to win the league seem content with 5th place these days and a day out at Wembley for the milk cup

  • pep genuinely believes nobody is allowed to suss him out . Fair play to the guy, he has revolutionised football in his day and seems to be working on a new 'false defense' tactic really successfully.

  • Hmm. Something something chickens, counting...

    That's how it works round here

  • Barnes and Castagne are a different class.

    Castagne really does look the business. It will be interesting how well he copes with a switch to the left when Ricardo is back, which would be harsh on Justin. The £ for Chilwell looks like a better deal with each game.

    Barnes needs work on his finishing, but his pace does pose problems for defenders.

  • The £ for Chilwell looks like a better deal with each game

    As in Drinkwater good?

  • He hasn't played for you yet, so it might work out well for both clubs - I wish him well as an academy product. But we're not missing him after three games, and both full backs are showing more attacking ambition.

  • he has revolutionised football in his day

    Sick burn.

  • He hasn't played for you yet

    Another thing he has in common with Drinkwater.

  • Didn’t see that result coming against Wolves. Clean sheet too.

    Would seem that Moyes is about to transform Masuaku from a liability of a left back into a fine crossing LMF/Winger

    Having watched Moyes at Everton for 10 years, this is the kind of thing he does well. Take limited players and get them playing consistently better.

  • Maybe there’s an algorithm with Leicester transfers, Kante was great, Drinkwater not so much, maybe Chilwell can be as good as Kante in his role.

  • Leicester are great at buying and selling players, and also holding on to the key ones like Vardy. And very good at playing football, too.

  • In which case, do you fancy Ihenacho?

  • Is Castagne left footed?

    Ricardo will have to be on some form to keep him out. Castagne has got three assists so far

  • One player a season is moved on at the height of his value and is usually replaced with as good or better for much less £ (with the exception of Mahrez).

  • He's played on both sides for Atalanta and I think the plan was that he would come in as LB with Luke Thomas as his understudy. Ricardo's ongoing injury meant one of Justin or Castagne has to play on the right and he's made it a very difficult decision for Rodgers to make when Ricardo returns. If he can be as effective on the left, then him and Ricardo are going to be a frightening prospect for defences.

  • It's a bloody brilliant system. You're perfectly pitched to do it as well, and the football you play makes the best of your players so they always go for top whack.

  • Chelsea fans are not cockneys...

  • The bit that impresses me is that they have the replacement aready in place and bedded in.

  • Yep - and, if you don't get too attached to the players, those replacements will be moved on in time for significant profits. Soyuncu, Ndidi, Praet, Ricardo, Maddison, Casatgne and Tielemans will look like absolute bargains. Ihenacho and Ghezzal less so...

  • Not usually a fan of camo, but I like that this is camo using the Birmingham boroughs.

    Anyhow - good to finally be getting to play a second game after most everyone else has had 3 already.

  • " In less than 23 minutes, Atlético’s new signing provided two assists, won and lost a penalty, hit the post and got two goals "

    ........................ and didn't bite anyone­g/2020/sep/28/hurricane-luis-suarez-unle­ashed-in-spectacular-atletico-madrid-arr­ival-la-liga-sid-lowe

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