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  • Also that kit can just fuck off. Terrible

  • Yesterday? Women’s t20 international cricket. Nothing else that we care to talk about was happening.

  • talking about terrible kit one female at the french open ..... boggin'

  • last weekend lots of goals, this weekend lots of var handballs and 90+ minute goals

  • Some of the hand ball calls yesterday were so daft. Roy summed it up well.
    Also seeing Roy and Ancilotti chat after the game yesterday made me smile. 2 elder statesmen of the game.

  • city not having it all their own way

  • lololololololol

  • Turns out Pep might only be the best manager in the world when he’s in a two team league with unlimited money and the worlds best player or a one team league with unlimited money.

    Maybe he should go to Celtic next?

  • uh oh

  • ah

    vardy's off, otherwise possible hattrick of pens

    i wonder how many times in his career has pep had a -ve goal difference ?

  • Epic citeh.

  • Pep's fourth season syndrome kicking in?

  • Last season’s poor finish seems to be really hurting Leicester

  • frank lives until xmas.

    defending just doesn't seem to matter anymore. football, the new basketball.

  • villa sitting proud with zero goals against

  • The drug cheat sounding more and more like Mourinho

  • He said Leicester weren't trying to play football.

    The team that scored 5 against his.

  • Didn’t see that result coming against Wolves. Clean sheet too.

    Would seem that Moyes is about to transform Masuaku from a liability of a left back into a fine crossing LMF/Winger

  • I like the pink, those stripes can fuck off tho'... There isn't enough intensity (and maybe a little bit of hubris) about our play, I think that's what's been letting us down, these little lapses in concentration have been there for a while... Some nice moments during the game but we are a long way off being title contenders, we are woeful at the back and I'm not sure how Frank's gonna fix that... Thank fuck for that Tammy goal!

  • Think the return fixture is April if West Brom want to eat another chelsea manager. Will Frank last till then tho 🤔😉

  • That kit looks like Palace knockoff bought in Croydon Market 🤢.
    Tottenham in the cup next.... Must win

  • defending just doesn't seem to matter anymore.

    Over the last 3 seasons the teams finishing in the top 3 also conceded the least amount of goals which kinda contradicts this.

    Chelsea conceded 54-39-38 over the last 3 seasons under 3 different head coaches. No prizes for guessing which season Lampard was in charge. A lot was being made of the fact that we were a more attacking side but we scored 69 vs. 63 and 62 goals the seasons before that. With the attacking talent we have up front you'd think we must be able to get closer to Conte's title winning season with 85 goals (I'll settle for 75+).

    Conceding 6 goals in the opening 3 opening 3 there's literally zero chance of improving on las season I think, more so when you'd expect two of these teams to finish in the bottom half of the table. I can't see us getting a clean sheet until we meet Sheffield Utd in November with Spurs/Man Utd/Palace/Saints/ Burnley coming up before them.

  • The top 3 conceding fewer goals probably hides the "when a collapse happens it happens" and being unable to shut up shop so to speak....

  • It'd be nice to think we could actually shut up shop one day.

    Teams seem to be able to play right through us. Midfield barely seems to exist when not in possession of the ball and defence is literally always having to pull the proverbial emergency brake.

    Let's see where we are in 6 weeks time, the chopping and changing in the back 4 can't help for sure.

  • Guardiola has done terrible transfer business at City, particularly in defence.

    Without Fernandinho in the team, the seem to fall to bits.

    I also think he was reliant on Arteta.

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