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  • Yeah I know that was such a dick move by keper and showed a real disrespect too the game. I'm just not a fan of seeing someone getting crushed on camera I don't want him at the club but at the same time I don't want to break him.

  • Our[1] 5-a-side keeper let in 3 goals he should never have tonight. Two underneath him, down to almost trickling speed as they went in, one of them they'd already given up on and had turned to track back up the pitch, but the third 'oof' was direct from a corner - it was fired across, going off for a throw in, but he instinctively put his hand out and deflected it into the goal.

    We lost by 5 (despite being 6-5 up) so it wasn't all down to him.

    But still. #kepa

    (He's a good keeper though. We/they'd be fucked without him.)

    1. Well, I'm a ringer as our team doesn't have the numbers to put in a side this 14-week season, so I'm filling in the gaps for other teams that are short (and desparate).
  • You can hope for his sake, he gets some time to rebuild in the reserves and let it all blow over. Then impress in training etc and get another chance at some point if he's still ruined then it's time to move on...

    What we tried with Karius and then there was the preseason smoke arms in the background of an interview. we loaned him out.. chelsea aren't shy of that, might help not lose too much £ on him

  • Lampard played alongside David James right? Surely he should know how to handle this situation.

  • Are we saying Kepa is worse than Claudio Bravo?

  • I think we're saying Frank is being Frank and expecting Claude to save the day.

  • In that other universe you used to go on about Chalfie, I heard Scott Carson was being paid by Man City

  • What?how?

  • Have we had Ryan Reynolds taking over Wrexham AFC. Brilliantly bonkers story.

  • Claudio at least won us a penalty shoot-out.

  • Mendy is also not that great with his feet and that maddening slide the ball across the box triangle game will cause him problems too.
    when done well its great but some times with Chelsea it's like it's in slow motion. it makes me nervous.

  • nice to see Havertz get hatrick last night. On a couple of forums people were writing him off after 2 games, fucking ridiculous. It may take half a season maybe more for a player to settle.

  • Is pickford in the same situation as kepa, but not getting the same attention?

    last night was another shocker from him

  • Everton spent a lora lora money on him I seem to recall?

  • Kepa - £71m
    Pickford - £25m

  • Pickford has various ricks every season but probably outweighs these with some super reaction saves (see spurs). I don’t rate him massively but we’re not going to get anything better for another season unless It comes from the squad. Kepa is the world’s most expensive keeper so that naturally puts him under the microscope a bit more. That and the fact he appears to be quite shit.

  • Also Pickford is the national team keeper so we expect him to be overpriced and shit.

  • And never be dropped, despite obvious alternatives.

  • Really impressed with the youngsters Dewsbury-Hall and Luke Thomas for Leicester last night. Poised and mature on the ball dealt with the Arsenal threat on the right really well. The rest of Leicester's team was utter shite. Gray and Iheanacho stealing a living - balloon balls and everything. Rodgers, deluded as ever, thought they played well.

  • He put out a team without a single first team starter (with the possible exception of Maddison, when fit) because the Carabao cup isn't a priority and it would have been Liverpool in the next round. He's not deluded, he knows they didn't play well but isn't going to say publicly that they were shit.

    Thomas was one of the few bright lights post-lockdown last season and will feature this season. Dewsbury-Hall needs a season on loan, hopefully at a decent Championship club, as there's too much competition in midfield - Tavares is a better prospect anyway IMO. Gray is going (should have gone two years ago) and Rodgers has as much as said so. Iheanacho frustrates and blows hot and cold, but too much cold of late but Rodgers gave an interview yesterday and said there's no money for another striker, the priority being a CB.

    I'm just happy with the cracking form of the Belgium trio...

  • Rumours of American venture capitalists buying Burnley. Can't say I'm that keen.

  • Can't be worse than our Chinese owner who has given us zero support to be able to compete in the league this year.

  • Are you sure it's not Ryan Reynolds?

  • Just reminds me of the old joke about football ownership:-

    How do you make a small fortune buying a football club?

    Start with a large fortune.

  • Amazing goal from Traore on debut. Another one from Watkins. Sure it was Bristol B team, but looking pretty good for the new boys after Martinez saved a penalty on Monday. Small shoots of hope for this season.

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