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  • Our worst performance of the season, possibly. Couldn't hold onto the ball,. Just sloppy.

    Luckily, a lot of starters were rested and so will be back to fuller strength for the run in. Liverpool only "big six (or is it seven with Leicester no?) left for us to play and they won't have anything to play for then. That said, Wolves are close behind us and Sheffield still in the mix. West Ham Watford and Norwich all have something to fight for and Palace will always have a pop and so no easy games but none that we can't win.

    Also, if Leicester couldn't win at home yesterday, they may well slip from third place.

  • Our season just keeps getting even more mental. Hope Andre recovers quickly after this.­8368

  • heal up andre, always liked him at liverpool

  • This is really strange.

    On the one hand, great that a problem has been recognised and people are going to do something about it. Obviously Ron Atkinson was at one extreme, but the whole "pace and power" cliché and this research shows there's an underlying problem that will hopefully be addressed.

    On the other hand - Tyldsley sounds like he's pre-emptively saying "it's not me/us" before the research has even been analysed or digested, and doesn't sound like he's been particularly reflective on his own practice.­0/jun/30/clive-tyldesley-calls-for-comme­ntators-to-receive-training-on-racial-st­ereotyping

  • Not a bad kit, 8/10.

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  • I was a bit confused reading that. I couldn't work out whether it was something that Tyldsey had been pushing for a long time but it hadn't been getting traction and he was a bit pissed off it had taken so long or whether it was a there is a problem but it's not me guv.

  • Looks quite nice just not a classic sponcer logo. I liked the simple yokahama tyres.

  • Actually looks really nice, particularly if you can buy without the shirt sponsor.

  • West Ham's continued use of their bubble machines strikes me as spectacularly unnecessary.

  • Fucks sake Chelsea.

  • Werner and Ziyech wondering what the fuck they've done, signing up for Europa League next season

  • Worked, though.

  • Yup, I like it.

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  • Oh my... 😭

    I haven't dared watch the game yet, how was it?

  • From my seat it was a brilliant London derby which also meant WHU who are struggling to play anywhere near a game of football this season have now turned Chelsea over twice this season.

    Before last night my only hope to avoid relegation was for Bournemouth and Villa to be even more dire.
    However last night gave me hope, which can be deadly

  • Shocker for us. Luckily We can rely on Leicester to keep fucking up right now.

  • poor old sheffield too they've had a shocker since the restart, really hoped they'd get champions league

  • I'm quite enjoying watching Burnley slowly overhaul Sheffield Utd (I imagine I'm one of the few).

    Saying that, we entirely failed to cope with their tactics last time we played them so hopefully that doesn't happen again.

  • Spurs can't afford to sack Mourinho. Lolololol

  • Talk about a hammering of a first half

  • Kevin De Bruyne is the best midfielder in the premier league history

  • Also think this is the first game I’ve gotten the Phil Foden hype

  • Kevin De Bruyne is the best midfielder in the premier league history

    Pretty much. He makes everything look so ridiculously easy.

    Can't wait to see Foden given a proper run next season. If he's half as good as David Silva he'll be some player.

  • 4-0, bloody hell

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