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  • Agreed. Very well put.

    The comments under that tweet, however, are a car crash of gammon-y cunts.

  • Oof. Tough times for Boro fans.

  • Hi mike

  • I have friends on WhatsApp telling me this is all good, big Col will see it through. Why do I feel empty inside then?

  • Even if you do stay up, you've now got that gammon prick in charge of your club. Pulis is bad, Woodgate has been a shambles but Colin is bottom of the barrel.

  • I still can't believe that Steve Gibson thought it would be a good idea to see what would happen if you took Woodgate's Real Madrid debut and apply it out over a season.

  • We have had 6 managers in the last 10years. Woodgate is 3rd worst . Strachen and Monk were worse.

  • Count yourself lucky!

    You could have been lumbered with Moyes.
    A worse record at West Ham than Avram Grant!
    Championship ahoy

  • Although I'm really fucked off with this happening the club's response, and Mee's in particular, has been good. Hopefully (although optimistically) it will shut up some of those who claim the clubs and players are just jumping on a bandwagon and don't really care about it.

  • I'm not sure that I think Boro are in a better position than West ham here.

  • Jake Hepple the tosser behind the banner stunt apparently. I reckon he's seen his last Burnley game in person.*

    *Not necessarily a bad thing.

  • By all accounts he was banned years ago.

  • More pigs arse than gammon. Hope he gets sacked from his job.

  • David Luiz new deal. Those poor Arsenal fans.

  • What are you on about, this is a match made in heaven.

  • So Arsenal are still using the guys who negotiated Ozil's last pay rise?

  • Seems he has been sacked. His girlfriend as well due to some comments that she'd made being dug up as everyone looked into him.

    You've got to be a real fuckwit to think you can do this kind of stuff without any repercussions.

  • What a lovely evening for Premier League football on the BBC

  • Yes, they really are generous to bestow upon us the Norwich - Everton game. Tally ho!

  • It's always amazing seeing these amounts paid to agents. How did Liverpool manage to pay over £30m to agents last year, I don't think they spent that much on players?

  • Ah well. Back to the championship we go.

  • Absolute garbage return to football for us...two shots on target across the two games against Southampton and Everton, and looking at the table is just depressing seeing that even one win would have got us within touching distance. So frustrating.

    Expect Villa and Bournemouth to join us in the Championship next season, purely based on the fact that we are still to play West Ham and Watford so that's 3pts extra on the board for both of them...

  • Liverpool were quite good.

  • yeah hats off to Liverpool last night. all four goals were very high quality, with the last being the pick of them with all of their front three involved. the first time pass from Salah was exquisite.

    great hatrick from Martial too.

  • Normal service resumed at Anfield. We were astonishingly good last night. One more to go, who'd have thought Chelsea can hand us the title tonight. Never nice supporting that lot but needs must

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