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  • I'd have had Seedorf.
    I did think about Schmeichel, but Davor Suker.

  • Was tempted to put Ramsey in because Wales, but...
    Distinct lack of English candidates in there, bettered only by their selection rate so far.

  • No Steven Davis? No Oliver Norwood? - gtfo

  • Well in Marcus Rashford. I'd have him running the country over this shower of shite any day.

  • Yeah, but can he negotiate fishing quotas on a wet Wednesday in November?

  • And we're back. Let's get this thing won by next week before they cancel it altogether.
    Come on Arsenal!

  • The farce starts. Pretending that this is in any way a true and fair end to the season is ridiculous. It's a naked sop to money and TV (and Liverpool).

  • Megalozzles, Kopites will be even more of a laughing stock after this...

  • 2 results our way and we'll be collecting the trophy at goodison

    *waves to pisti

    lets not forget we moved 25 points clear of our nearest rival well before boris johnson knew anything about corona virus

  • is it time to switch talksport back on yet ?

  • Soon. It's a shame we couldn't win it before this Covid bollox but life is life. Nothing will damper it. Shame I can't get to Liverpool for the non existent victory parade. Next season perhaps

  • Mike's back!

  • I can't work out if I'm madder now than I was before. I guess everyone is in the same boat though

  • If you spoke to me maybe 7-10 days ago, I'd have said I was the maddest.

    We're all ok though, all in the same boat, mucking in, following the rules, testing our eyesight etc and so on.

  • Pisti has opinions on the choice of ref and VAR official for the derby

  • I loved the way he was lauding Carlo the other week, citing all the wonderful things he'd done at the various clubs he's managed...

    Apart from the double with Chelsea... 😂😂😂

  • are they whopper kopites perchance ? ^^

  • Pisti has opinions on the choice of ref and VAR official for the derby

    Isn't he more concerned about current restrictions on his freedom to blackface?

  • look! it moved!

  • Err how was that not a goal, his own fucking player pushed him in and he's well over the line with the ball in his hands

  • Photos I've seen (on the BBC Sport website) show the ball in contact with the post but slightly to the side. If that's the case then some part of the ball is still over some part of the line, so it wouldn't have been a goal.

    (This also assume that the line is the width of the post, which it usually is.)

  • That's a bit more interesting but still not 100% conclusive.

  • Listening on BBC R5 and can't stop hearing Clinton Morrison as Ogmios (School of Zen Motoring).

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