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  • I'm a little concerned about James Maddison. He spent a large part of today's game falling over for no reason, he must have some kind of vertigo or something.

  • Grealish>Maddison.

    Surely Grealish has to be picked for Euro2020?!

  • I have suspected for a while that Maddison is the new David Bentley.

  • Great weekend of football

    My fantasy team sucks balls though, it's so hard to predict this season!

  • Given Southgate has never included him in a squad, that's unlikely, no?

  • That's not exactly a good example.

  • It’s a great example. Never picked, taken to a big tournament.

  • My fantasy team sucks balls though

    Our "Last Man Standing" prediction thing had people picking Man City, Chelsea, Arsenal Spurs and a single person picking Leicester.

    So with none of them winning we're all back in the game. Hurrah for immense bedwetting.

  • Where he might as well have gone to the beach for the duration, given his role when he got there.

  • Don't know what Southgate has against Grealish, but if he's not picked for the next squad it will be a fucking travesty. He's currently the best English midfielder, with Maddison close behind.

  • He doesn’t pick players from clubs he played for to stop allegations of favouritism.

    **taps nose**

  • Mings and Heaton both in the last squad....

    More likely showing his lack of imagination and tactical rigidity. For all the waistcoat wearing, he's a bang average manager who lucked into a semi-final and plays boring, risk-averse, by-the-numbers football.

  • In which case a show pony like Grealish might not fit in?

  • I'm predisposed to not like Grealish and He is a diver but he is impressing me this season and he deserves a crack at the England squad.

  • He's currently the best English midfielder

  • So glad I bothered last night.

    Back at midnight and up for the 6.54 train into London for work.

    We didn't even try.

    p.s Fuck Stoke.

  • FACT!


  • So so true...has been very lucky in his managerial career. From not needing coaching badges to manage Middlesborough and being in the right place at the right time in terms of England. 29% winning average in Prem. All hail Southgate...err

  • winning the fairness­es/b5wp/2019/wp280/en/

    Issue number 280 of the CIES Football Observatory Weekly Post ranks teams from 35 European domestic leagues according to their number of fouls per game as per InStat data. Champions League titleholders Liverpool FC committed the least fouls per match so far this season (8.1). This is partially related to the less strict refereeing style in the English Premier League: 20.4 fouls whistled per game compared to an average of 27.2 in the 35 competitions surveyed.

  • This is all a bit furious... Marvellous treat to be able to watch a game at breakfast time...

  • Amazing game... Not a lot of fire in our play, shouldn't have let them anywhere near us for that goal...

  • A draw that feels like a win, hope that didn't put you off you Shreddies old man.

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