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  • Probably because the name of the game in the British sport's press is to wring every ounce of drama out of any given situation, regardless of its newsworthiness.

  • The British media are rank amateurs compared to the Italians.

  • yeah. admittedly I don't keep up to date with the media side of it just old mates abroad . Media seem to be running VAR as a story everywhere in the knowledge that at some point in time all fans are going to be upset and mouth off when it goes against their team.
    what i have noticed is that non prem fans now seem more lenient on refs in the knowledge that at least they don't have VAR.

  • Oh, Derby.

  • ffp?

  • Yep. Points deduction incoming...

  • Meh.
    Wazza's worth 3 points a game. shurely? WAHT CAN gO ROnG?

  • The charge is based on the EFL making their own valuation of our stadium which is lower than the independent valuation we got when we sold it to our owner. I know it's all shady as fuck, but I guess if the valuation we got was truly independent then this charge won't actually come to anything.

    Never a dull moment this season. Apart from performances on the pitch.

  • Interesting little titbit from the trial of the men accused of assaulting Owen Jones.

    One of the accused was found to have numerous items at his home connected with various far-right groups. According to the defence counsel the possession of the items was “consistent with Mr Healy being a Chelsea football supporter”.

  • Surely valuing any property in Derby above £100k is bound to raise suspicion?

  • independent valuation we got when we sold it to our owner.
    What an awesome line.

  • What next? AAR?
    Amortization Assitant Referee?

  • Middlesbrough’s owner, Steve Gibson, has been particularly aggrieved, after his club missed out on a play-off place by one point behind Derby last season, and he is understood to have sued the league over the stadium sale.

    Fuck derby.

    It's not about the valuation it's about selling to a company under the same ownership.

  • Villa did the same (or very similar), but the valuation of Villa Park was half that of Pride Park I think.

  • And rightly so. Birmingham is shit.

  • Anyone catch that Saracens just got a 2nd 35 point deduction of the season over in the egg chasing league....hope the football league is watching

  • Saracens broke the rules quite clearly. Derby had their accounts checked and signed off by the EFL. Now they’ve changed their minds and are looking to punish Derby for it.

    I’m pretty certain that we won’t get punished after it goes to court. Certainly not to the extent that’s being reported.

  • I wonder what former footballer Gavin Peacock is up to nowadays?­6797888140832770?s=19


  • I like the way he's interspersed the batshit mental stuff with big match between Newcastle and Chelsea at the weekend.

  • Won't stop me repetitively claiming it's the same until everyone puts me on ignore.

  • Reading also sold their stadium to another company owned by the owner. Madejski Stadium was valued at £27m as opposed to £80m for Pride Park. Also some suggestion that Derby backdated the value to a previous accounting period.

  • What's that?
    Football finances are lies?
    What next, pro sports is full of drugs?

  • Pride Park was valued at £80m as the plans are to update it to be more than just a football stadium that is used about 30 days per year. The plan is to use it for other events that would increase revenue and the value of the property by getting use out of the venue for up to 100 days of the year.

    I’ve not heard anything about backdating, I think that’s being confused with Villa or Wednesday who did something like that.

  • Also, Hull... >>>>>>>>>>

    And Leeds 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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