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  • Winks is better than Henderson at what Henderson does? Not sure on that one. Henderson is a bit shit but he brings balance.

  • And dam derby all the way to league 2

  • What is the point of Dominic Solanke? I’ve watched Bournemouth a few times this season and never seen a player make less impact.

  • Breaking up play, getting ball moving quick and bring the pivot.


  • Gutted I went to bed at half time, thought you were dominating the game in the first half.

  • Not only has he been terrible he seems to have brought Wilson down with him.
    Rather worried this will be the season now. Its all very tight but the way they are playing, with some big games coming up.

  • Some novel VARing on Saturday at Chelsea. For some reason only half of Tammy Abraham's body counts when checking to see if he's playing people onside.

  • I still don’t think VAR is bad, but I do think it’s being managed by someone intent on killing the game, especially those at the stadium, players and fans alike!

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  • Handball is a total joke now.

  • I'd have liked to have been in the room when discussing the "unnatural position" BS

  • It’s a shit new rule that’s not even consistent across the whole pitch

  • It's pathetic. Maybe all matches should be played behind closed doors refereed old style and then they can sift through the whole match in detail and the crowd can watch the VARed edit afterwards so they know when they can legitimately celebrate.

  • Not that I'm bitter about that Snodgrass goal being disallowed or anything..

  • For attackers it's not unnatural position anymore. They changed the rules this year so it just has to hit the hand and then result in a goal. No idea why that didn't apply to the Liverpool one though (although I suspect they didn't go far enough back on the replay and completely missed it).

  • this.

    i'm not picking up any anti VAR vibes elsewhere on the continent etc. I dont care if we have VAR or not to be honest. I was sick and tired of fans/ players/ managers/ media etc bleating/abusing/harassing officials for making mistakes which reached such a fever pitch VAR was introduced for that reason alone. Now the same people are filling air time, column inches etc with anti VAR whinging. 'It's killing the game' must be one of the most stupid phrases of all time considering what else the game has survived. Its almost as if people use football because they need something to fucking moan about all the fucking time

  • isn't at least one of those Van Dyke handballs where it was also handballed immediately prior as well?

  • VAR is getting all the blame when the issue is shoddily implementing poorly thought-through new rules that at the same time as VAR.

  • Regardless of the implementation of VAR it's still going to spoil the moment when you score and celebrate as there's always the question mark over whether it will be disallowed.

  • Have been enjoying the Undr the Cosh podcast. Mark Crossley’s stories about playing for Clough are quite something.

  • Strong rumours of The Sheriff moving to Barcelona.

    Massive if correct. Hopefully he will take a few of his old players.

  • Son and Eriksen might get a game. None of the others surely.

  • Bugger. The job has gone to Setien from Real Betis. Pity.

  • Interesting appointment. Not sure how he'll help them close out a 4-0 lead in the Champions League, but it'll be a lot of fun watching.

  • i'm not picking up any anti VAR vibes elsewhere on the continent etc.

    Really? They did introduce it ahead of the Premiership so it does seem to have calmed down a bit, but there have been so many clangers in Italy and German matches are still regularly bogged down with VAR intruding too much.

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