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  • Good to see we're re-opening the Villa home for drunks and has-beens. Welcome Danny Drinkwater.

  • worncleat will be gutted, he could have been the difference between champions league and UEFA cup for chelsea next season

  • Handy for Spurs that...'there is no evidence to corroborate or contradict the allegation'. Utter dog shit.

    Most likely that that there was not enough evidence to satisfy prosecuting authorities to bring a prosecution.

  • Great first-half performance v United last night. Pep took on board criticism from some quarters after we banjoed Burton Albion 9-0 at the same stage last year, and chose not to run up the score on minnows.

  • The point was that there was no point, no focus, no recognised axis of attack: just a series of multiple pivots all buffeting gently and randomly against each other like windchimes.
    This was wilful shape-shifting, shadows of shadows, a trick of the light, smoke and Mahrez.

    Lovely write up in the paper too

  • not sure mate. we haven't been playing too well recently. Dont know if he will play a first team and you guys are on a bounce . But Our kids knock the ball around pretty well and its the cup innit?!

    hopefully will get a ticlet along with jonny and see the action live in the stadium I helped build

  • Stick in the mixer

  • My issue with tribal football rivalries is that so many fans have no idea where to draw the line. a Lot of Spurs fans have taken the allegations of racist chants etc against Rudiger as an accusation that Spurs is a racist club and all Spurs fans are racist. A similar reaction from a lot of fans from every club as if it was too difficult to work through what is actually happening.
    I'm no fan of Adrian Durham and even less so when he accused the West Brom board (or whoever was responsible for sacking Darren Moore. Nobody actually knows and Durham could never actually give any evidence that he knew either) of unconscious racism. A lot of Albion fans felt that he was saying west brom was a racist club and felt so upset they used the fact that we had Regis and Cunningham etc as evidence to the contrary. Before you know where you are there's a play ground level slanging match which completely misses the point. Your views on Racism should far outweigh your love for your club. I hope we can promote sensible debate and stand against racism without worrying whether or not we feel that certain fans are accusing our clubs and their fan bases as racist.

  • 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • On the money there.

  • I got 7.

  • Beat you by one. I knew what Stig-Inge Bjørnebye’s wife won an Olympic silver medal in.

  • I got the one about "who travelled in a full kit" right. And also sexeh Lars question.

  • wonder what manner of shithousing mou-hatma gandhi has got planned for his bi annual must not lose against liverpool game this weekend

    at least he's stopped with the idiotic " mind games "

  • This is doing the rounds:­s/1215344871969624064 and is worth a read for those that play 5-a-side regularly.

  • Just been reading through that. Madness they are not even in a league just a mates kick about and that level of over seriousness is why I stopped playing sat and Sunday league!

  • Can’t help but think how better Liverpool would be with Winks instead of Henderson.

  • Really?
    Henderson / Milner is key.

  • Winks would be better at what he does.

  • Good to see Mourinho has got Spurs playing like United at the start of last season.

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