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  • Good news for clubs looking to make a couple of loan signings then.

  • Brenda and his agent have played this very well­84861

  • 2025?
    Fucking hell.

  • Doesn't Alan Pardew's Newcastle contract run out then too?

  • With that knitwear company?

  • Big dunc in charge goal in the 1st 6mins a small corner of North London is happy.... Pass the bleach in HK.

  • glad they didn't have the ferguson bounce three days ago

  • Son’s goal was ludicrous. Not taking it away from him but nobody tried to get a foot in.­3336854529073152?s=21

  • Here comes the Son, doo doo doo doo

  • I love the commentary - no need to understand what he's actually saying.

  • Can the BBC football coverage dumb itself down anymore ... ? Five live on a Saturday afternoon is bad enough - Mark “ Chappers “ Chapman bantering ( ? ) with his ex pro mates .... twats ... and now on final score ... more “ bants “ with Harry ‘kin Kewel .... what a cunt .... no wonder he can’t get any players playing for him ..... fucking hell BBC .... are you paying these cunts ... ? Arghhhh .... !

  • Laying the smack down on Burnley. 4-0 flatters then could have had 2 or 3 more of we’d been more clinical with the finishing.
    Not sure why we haven’t brought on Lo Celso and sessegnon for a run out. We’re not losing this game

  • mark chapman annoys the hell out of me aswell
    such a shame as he seems nigh on omnipresent on r.5 chris sutton can do one as well the miserable git

    oh yeah we won against a injury plagued and lacklustre bournemouth, don't set your videos for that one

  • The BBC is obsessed with winning younger listeners. But it’s relying on 50 year old men to come up with and execute the strategy to do so.

  • I was screaming at Pieters to take him out.

    Our defending was shocking today. Too many injuries and not enough strength in depth.

    Can see why Spurs are conceding so many. We had three great chances in the first half. 3-3 would have been a reasonable half time score based on chances but some shocking finishing didn't help when paired with shit defending.

  • Imagine losing to this United side at home, lol

  • United were exemplary this eve.

    Wonder how much trouble City will be in? Fan wise I mean.

  • Pep's decision to spend £60m on Rodri instead of a top class centreback looks worse and worse.

  • City needed both. Rodri has had some decent games but they really miss Fernandinho in midfield.

  • Sorry, but I’m going to have to wet the bed. Meeting that evening and then Election Day and all night at the count next day all added to the possibility of a discussion of our woeful performance today.

    1 - Ru (either date)
    2- cliveo (11th only) BEDWETTER
    3 - chalfie (either -both will take a monumental amount of planning. Thursdays are easier)
    4 - jonny (either date at this point)
    5 - andyp (either date)
    6 - sheriff Blackfoot (would prefer 10th as spurs may have a do or die game vs Bayern on the 11th)
    7 - ramsaye (please send vconf details)
    8 - dst (might come, might not)
    9 - Clever Pun (love a list)
    10 - middleofnowhere (would prefer Wednesday in a pub with no WiFi)

  • Yeah - Fernandinho's tactical fouling and break up play was crucial to stopping the counter, while he is an average pl centre half at best.

  • All the best PL teams have had someone skilled in the nasty side of the game. Fernandinho drives City on too.

    Re the racism, I’d like to see the book thrown at them or the club man a stand by suspending every season ticket in that block for two home games. That way, you’d introduce an element of self policing into this dickhead behaviour.

    For the record, I have been a City fan since 1989 and the club has got a lot of dickhead fans although I’ve never witnessed racism.

  • I couldn't stay up past half time, I blame myself for yesterday's loss...

    But it was totally on the cards, Big Dunc, playing for the #weartheshirt, etc... Still doing better than I thought we would've been at the start of the season... Winning, yet losing...

  • Suarez eh?

  • What a finish.

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