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  • Watching and enjoying Premier League football requires overlooking certain principles we might otherwise hold dear.

  • 1 - Ru (either date)
    2- cliveo (11th only)
    3 - chalfie (either -both will take a monumental amount of planning. Thursdays are easier)
    4 - jonny (either date at this point)
    5 - andyp (either date)
    6 - sheriff Blackfoot (would prefer 10th as spurs may have a do or die game vs Bayern on the 11th)
    7 - ramsaye (please send vconf details)
    8 - dst (might come, might not)
    9 - Clever Pun (love a list)
    10 - middleofnowhere (would prefer Wednesday in a pub with no WiFi)
    11 - Marky - as long as it's the 11th

  • Missed it live. Banked some TV privilege rights for Spurs v United this evening.

  • Whilst watching on Prime last night I did manage to divert off to the stats and shit at half time and then watch the first ten minutes of the second half on delay as it didn't jump back to live when you came off the stats.

    I'm viewing this as the beginning of the end for football. Proof that streaming multiple games works and is easy. Next step will be clubs taking on their own rights and selling online season tickets and one-off games. Big teams will get even more money, small teams less, the Premier League will be even less competitive, interest will drop off, all the teams will get less money, all the best players will go to China. We'll be back to trips to the Shay on wet Tuesday nights.

  • Undermined by a company that:

    • pays no tax
    • systematically undermines workers rights
    • squeezes SME suppliers until the pips squeak
    • is being investigated by competition authorities around the world for abuse of market dominance
    • is the archetype of concentrating wealth in the hands of the 0.0000000001%

    BT & Sky might not be perfect. but Amazon is the most socially destructive and egregious company on the planet.

  • I'll agree that Amazon are dicks and move on.

    But did you know this forum takes/makes money from Amazon?

  • a penny in murdochs pocket is a penny too much

  • pays no tax

    I'd be aiming your ire over this towards the governments who permit Amazon to get away with this tbh. Not many companies of any size choose to pay more tax than "necessary". I know they're the biggest and do it the most but its a systemic problem rather than Amazon being worse at it than anybody else.

    I think various governments are delighted that Amazon get the blame rather than the scrutiny being pointed in the right direction.

  • Amazon are a nearly unavoidable trading partner - that is the problem!

    I've boycotted them as a consumer for the last four years but I suspect you couldn't exist if you also tried to boycott any organisation that transacts with them. For example, TFL, the Met Office and the Ministry of Justice all use AWS.

    The depths of my hatred for Amazon are unfathomable - I like to try and transmit that to as many others as possible!

  • ^^ Just did a little fact check. In the US, 258 of the 500 companies in the fortune 500 pay between 0% and 15% tax. The US has a corporation tax rate of about 30%, depending on a few factors.

    Don't hate the players, hate the orange twat in the Whitehouse who has recently made it even easier for corporations to act like this.

  • I think it’s perfectly reasonable to hate both Trump, and all he stands for, and Amazon and their business practices.

  • It's not just reasonable, it's inexcusable not to.

  • Proof that streaming multiple games works and is easy.

    The NFL does this.
    I think you can somehow have multicast games on one screen that zoom to the action as it happens in a game.
    Ah yes. It's the NFL RedZone­e

    How is Trump and USA!USA!USA! an excuse for Amazon paying low tax in the EU? is it leverage? is this the optic?

    (I for one welcome our move to 90s football)

  • How is Trump and USA!USA!USA! an excuse for Amazon paying low tax in the EU? is it leverage? is this the optic?

    I was talking about the USA in particular rather than linking Trump to the EU.

    The EU are in the process of closing loopholes for corporate taxation. Some say this is a driving factor behind the funding of the various Brexit campaigns given that the UK has done virtually fuck all to attack the problem.

    Anyway....sorry for the derail.

  • Derail away!
    Just because this is the football thread, it doesn't mean we can't read proper.

    Unless you support Stoke.

  • How is Trump and USA!USA!USA! an excuse for Amazon paying low tax in the EU? is it leverage? is this the optic?

    The Irish government are pretty big on companies paying no tax as well. They've spent millions on a court case saying they don't want the €13bn of tax from Apple that is sat in a bank account for them.

    Personally I'm holding out for a return to 80s football.

  • When the football thread has more posts about Amazon than the Merseyside derby...

  • Mane was on fire!

  • Mane has run the show this season. The pass for Origi’s first was incredible.

  • Yeah such a great through ball he is still improving his game which is scary.

  • I thought TAAs ball to release Mane for Shaqiri's goal was something else.

    Shaqiri had a decent overall game from the 15 minutes I got to watch.

  • I thought TAA played like a bit of a snide cunt too though

  • I missed that.
    Is the derby match though, you'd expect a bit of bristle right?

  • Obvs. No one for Everton was pulling shirts, leaving their foot in, or anything.

  • Mourinho needs to fix, tweak the midfield, Winks and Sissoko aren't the answer, and Toby punting passes long to runners isn't the answer.
    We gave Utd too much possession, and even then they looked bang average, with only Rashford really making an impression. Lingard, Greenwood, James, Fred, McTominay did little to nothing, with all the possession we gave them.
    Our back four (verts and Toby, and to a certain extent Sanchez, though his passing is limited) wouldn't/couldn't find a pass into Ndombele when he came on, even though he is our most press resistant midfielder, and he's the one who'll break the lines and get the ball into feet for our front four.
    Kane had no service and Son was in one of his snatch at chances moods.
    Dele's goal was magnificent, but Sissoko giving a soft penalty to Rashford (who could have put his foot down, but tucked it under himself) early in the second took any momentum we could have built away.

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