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  • The outpouring of love and respect for David Martin is making me emotional:


    I hope David Martin falls down a well, the ginger cunt.

  • I hope David Martin falls down a well, the ginger cunt.

    Really quite an unlikely scenario - how often do you encounter a well these days? When wishing a specific ill on someone, at least make it a plausible one.

  • Must hurt for a Millwall fan seeing a player who was on their books for 2 years accomplish so much more in his first appearance for West Ham.

    So glad he was called up today, Roberto has been worse than woeful. Antonino coming back and leading the line instead of Haller was a welcome change too. Looking forward to seeing the highlights after being at work all day.

  • Antonio was great for West ham yesterday if he can stay fit he will be a huge plus fir West ham.

    Chelsea just lacked a spark yesterday lots of the ball but very few chances was going to be tough once West ham went 1 up and sat deep. I was surprised Giroud got the nod ahead of Batshuayi.
    Never good to loose to West ham :(.
    one positive was Rese James looking more and more settled. He is some player.

  • Quique fails to bloom a 2nd time.

  • Ljungberg has his work cut out to fix Arsenal defence.. Radio 5 Live

    no shit sherlock..

  • With all the draws by the teams beneath us, keep hold of fifth.
    Big game against utd midweek.

  • rodgers is squirming.

  • Might have to put a few quid on Wolves vs Leeds in the next draw for the FA Cup.

  • Right - next week. Wednesday 11th. I'm way out west now so not going to venture too far north. Somewhere south of central and not east. Anyone got a good suggestion for venue?

    1 - Ru (either date)
    2- cliveo (11th only)
    3 - chalfie (either -both will take a monumental amount of planning. Thursdays are easier)
    4 - jonny (either date at this point)
    5 - andyp (either date)
    6 - sheriff Blackfoot (would prefer 10th as spurs may have a do or die game vs Bayern on the 11th)
    7 - ramsaye (please send vconf details)
    8 - dst (might come, might not)
    9 - Clever Pun (love a list)
    10 - middleofnowhere (would prefer Wednesday in a pub with no WiFi)

  • Watching Premier League football legally in my own home. What a time to be alive

  • Cool feature: you can turn off the commentary and just listen to the stadium noise

  • Of which there isn't much

  • Hello fellow prime subscribers.

  • It's a bit surreal. Match should be called due to lack of interest.

  • hope this happens and I can spin by. Move house next day so might be tricky. But call a pub fellas. And let’s see what happens

  • Rodri’s goal should count for two. Absolute rocket.

  • I happened to flick over just a few seconds before he hit it and rather ashamedly, in a Ron Manager-esque stylee exclaimed "Pick that one out." I didn't watch more than a minute or two but I'll be watching Spurs tonight - what was the Prime experience like - much of a muchness with any other platform?

  • Video quality seemed to be better than Sky. One click access to stats and in-game highlights is pretty cool as well. The aforementioned ability to mute the commentary is interesting, I just left the Citeh game on in the background whilst I worked and it was a bit like having one of those nature sound machines. Rainstorm, Night Jungle, Forest Stream, Ethiad Turf Moor on a Tuesday, Calm Waves, etc.

  • Wasn't it at Burnley?

  • Very little commentary when it's on.
    I thought Jesus looked great.

  • Yikes, it was. I was distracted and disinterested, and uh

  • Initially I was "typical city, no fans blah blah blah". Then I was like "this ground looks a bit shorter than I remember the ethiad....oh"

    Anyway. Prime. Video quality great. Commentary dire (but it all is).
    Revealing I'm paying bezos to run slave camps, bit awkward. Been meaning to unsubscribe.

  • Surprised at the enthusiasm for Amazon. Horrendous mob.

  • I'm happy that Sky and BT are being undermined. Are either of them worthy of any praise?

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