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  • class from corndog there. salute you for that dude.

    and v sorry you have that moany cunt Mourinho taking over.

  • The Spurs documentary on Amazon is going to be fun.

  • Maybe it's a plot twist for the doco?

  • Commiserations @cornelius_blackfoot

    If it’s any consolation it won’t last long.

  • I feel for you. I have to say that the reaction of Spurs fans generally compares favourably to that of Arsenal fans in respect of Wenger. Both clubs getting shot of their most successful managers in recent times. One with Wenger out, the other wishing him luck and wishing he would stay.

    I thought Arsenal should have kept Wenger just as Spurs should have kept the Sheriff. Then again, I've been proved wrong with Emery and hope that Mourinho can emulate his success at Spurs.

  • So, the irresistible force meets the immovable object. Serial trophy winner Jose Mourinho meets errm Tottenham Hotspur.

    My money's on Spurs.

  • it's the damage that may be caused under his tenure, that worries me.

  • So glad to see the back of 'the Sheriff' moniker (I die a bit inside whenever reading this title). Looking forward to the good times at the Spuds with the special Sulky/Moany cunt. Press interviews are going to be great again.

  • How did the name originate?

  • Beautiful

  • Hopefully we can flog them David Luiz!😂

  • on a different spursy note, Glenn Hoddle was in my local last night....with some other ex-spuds, don't know which ones.
    My friend wanted a photo, as she is a fan, so I said id sort it...... I asked him, and he was very lovely about it. As he came over, he was brilliant and stood with his arm round my friend, as I approached him, offered him the phone, and said
    "no, can you take one of us please?"
    He actually went to take the phone from me to do it, but I couldn't go through with it!

    Top bloke, and despite me being a gooner, and him being a little bit mental, I still think there is a void somewhere that could be filled with his knowledge.....

  • Well, by a strange twist of fate, Sheringham used to do his shopping in my town of bishops Stortford.....i met him in the '3' mobile shop, and as much of a cunt as I can be, he out-cunted anyone... Sheesh, the way he was speaking to the sales staff and his son( who was getting the phone), was top cunt. But hey......speak as you find!

  • Any one fancy goading/booing/supporting Emery + Xhaka? I can't make the Arsenal v Southampton game tomorrow due to work:­73/#comment14995732

  • Euro2020 playoffs.

    Scotchland vs Israel and, assuming they win that, the winners of Norway v Serbia.

    And an Irish reunification playoff final if NI beat Bosnia and RoI beat Slovakia.

    Most importantly it means the Panini album won't be finalised until near the end of March.

  • I've always had a suspicion that Edward was a cunt. I mean. Played for Forest. STANDS TO FACKING REASON RIGHT?

    I just like linking to that tweet because of the total fan boy in him, and then it being popped upon realisation. Also, I think Glenn is a generally nice person who couldn't really understand why people weren't able to do what he could with a football. Or distrusted those who could do things differently. (see David Beckham in the former and Paul Gazza Gascoigne in the other) (I am also aware this buys into the whole "good player shit manager" trope - like Roy (pbuh))

  • But, whatever his spiritual beliefs/level of mentalism, there's got to be some knowledge in there, right? He'd make a great behind the scenes advisor.....

    I was in a privileged position last night as well.....we were sitting up the quiet end, at the bar, and the group of about 8 ex spurs types were literally surrounding we left them alone, they were spinning anecdotes about each other's testimonials etc.....i wasn't paying much attention, but my old best mate Glen, was taking an active role, and not sounding like a cunt either....fair play, I'm a fanboy now too! Not as much of a cunt as TS 'first yard in his head' though.....

  • Edward has a place on Bury road in Chingford (well stewardstonebury). He’s often seen on Station Road with his kids and their bikes. Seems nice but for reasons pointed out above I could never bring myself to acknowledge him.

  • Played for United? Check
    Andrew Fucking Cole hated him? Check

    We're done.

  • Wait, is there a grudging respect for Andrew Cole there?

  • Christ no, but if AFC hates you........

  • I'm looking forward to the West Ham game, cam on you Irons!!

    Sadly, I'll be in bed when we line up for kick-off with Citeh...

  • ...who hates players stealing from other players. Besides Kevin Campbell > Andy Cole. Worked out well

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