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  • I put some of the holding on to long as trying to hard.

    I might be wrong but I feel he had a bigger point to prove to Lampard than the rest, wasn’t a young English player so seemed overlooked at the start. But again that’s just an opinion of an outsider.

    CHO decision making in the final third is what’s worrying me. Away to Ajax he was dreadful in that area.

  • Pulisic is doing well. Mount is doing well. CHO is returning from a major injury and improving with each game. Willian is playing as well as he ever has and adds maturity to the side. RLC is yet to return. Pedro is missing out. Despite the transfer ban there is a wealth of talent.

    The same exists in defence where Reece James showed himself very capable. Rüdiger is set to come back. Tomori is the real deal. Zouma is ever improving. Emerson showing real talent. Azpilecueta a great asset and, despite a poor performance in TUESDAY, Alonso would still get into most teams in the League.

    Midfield now presents a problem with Three excellent players fighting over two slots and we have three capable strikers.

    Almost certainly won’t win anything and possibly will lose out on the knock out stages of the CL due to the defeat by Valencia which ruins our head to head against them, but we have a real chance of a top four finish which no one thought we would have at the start of the season.

  • In our group in the CL we have three teams on 7 points. Although our goal difference is better, GD has less impact as head to head results are more important.

    Ajax play Lille away and then Valencia at home. They should expect to win both.

    Valencia have Chelsea at home and then Ajax away.

    We have Valencia away and then Lille at home.

    Everything turns on the Valencia v Chelsea game assuming Lille lose their two remaining games and Ajax beat Valencia in Amsterdam.

    If we win it we go through top.

    Draw and we go through second.

    Lose and we don’t qualify.

    Having lost our home game to Valencia, this will be a very difficult match. Add to this the fact that we can’t be sure that Ajax will beat Valencia nor that we will beat Lille and it means that we can’t play for a draw. We must go for a win.

  • The current top 4 will be the top 4 at season's end. None of the teams below are good enough to make up the points difference.

  • What's the point of VAR then? That's a disgrace

  • Couldn’t agree more. Two handballs in the build up.

    Robertson’s ball for the second was delightful. I can’t remember an English team having two better attacking full backs. Acquired at little or no cost too.

  • It may be a disgrace but it's almost worth it for Peps melt down

  • Twice!!!

  • We'll have to bury Citeh while they're down for the count then, useless pricks... Dare we dream of finishing second in the Prem?!?

  • Heady days, please excuse me... 😂

  • Still buzzing... suffering a bit today

  • Is the Cardiff sacking the end of an era for Colin?

    Let’s hope so.

  • Fingers crossed that’s him gone from the top two tiers at least.


  • It really is amazing atm I think the champions league knockout may be step to far atm. The group is so tight. Its exciting times though

  • I'm not expecting anything, they're just kids... It's just a beautiful thing to witness, was listening to Tammy chatting about after the Wolves game where him, Mason Mount and Fikayo Tomori went up to the fans and were laughing themselves silly cuz they'd all just scored for the first team in their first season after coming up through the ranks together...

    I think I've got something in my eye...

  • Sterling sent home from international duty after a bust up with Gomez in a team area.

    Can’t wait to see the press eat this up.

  • Not been sent home, just dropped for one match it seems. Fortunately I can't imagine any of the papers wanting to put the boot into him.

  • It's better than letting it fester, not doing anything, letting cliques form like they used to (liverpool/united/arsenal etc) isn't it?

    I expect Sterling will get a fair ride in the press though. No one will want to paint him as the problem....

  • Yeah see it’s now just dropped.

    Could have been handled better in this case. Team meeting explaining and no word to the press, just rested etc.

  • would dropping him have made it more of an issue? Isn't next game a must win to secure qualification?

  • Wouldn’t be an issue if no one but the players knew what happened.

    This stuff happens all the time in sports teams. Make up, punishment kept in house all move on.

  • Squires absolutely nailing poppy day - again:­interactive/2019/nov/12/david-squires-on­-football-and-the-poppy

    Hate it when they don't open comments to get all the jokes and references you missed...

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