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  • I see statsbomb are offering a one day course. Has anyone been on one?

  • For those of you who enjoy that sort of thing, Colleen Rooney and Rebekah Vardy are having a right old ding dong on twitter.

  • Is Wayne Rooney still moving to Derby, or was that just Coleen having Rebekah Vardy on?

  • so Leiscerter vs Derby is going to be a definate cup game now

  • So Jose has allegedly got another club?

    Poch to get the Spanish archer?

  • can anyone link me to that website that shows all historic transfers in and out going back to at least 2000, there was a really good website that had running in / out and net totals also yearly totals
    i lost the link a while back but it was the most informative easy to use transfer guide

  • transfermarkt?

  • I saw something about Jose and Everton.. but thats from ev fans I think

    Poch to real seems the obvious choice for him, with Ole at the wheel I can't see ManU messing with it (they are still making tonnes of money)

  • hmmm i don't think it was that one, the one i'm thinking of was a bit more basic looking than that, maybe it has been upgraded or is on v.2 but it had a bit more info on the full amount spent, it had tallies showing things like city had spent over a billion on their squad, club summaries and the like

    any other transfer summary sites people ?

  • ole's just put in place a three year plan to buy 8 new players, don't sack him yet please

  • Urgh, it's international football, but I'm actually watching the England game to see how UEFA deal with racism. Hopefully it'll have a positive effect.

  • Bulgaria to be slapped with the full weight of a £5000 fine. Racism defeated forever.

  • The fuck is going on? I'm not watching it. Mbm suggesting full on back to the 80s bullshit.

  • Monkey chants, nazi salutes. Bunch of fucking neanderthals.
    Can't believe the last punishment was a partial empty stadium. Pathetic.

  • Seems that those who were denied entry were the decent ones.

  • Looked like the most vocal culprits were well aware of UEFA's three step protocol, and were only too happy to use two of the three strikes.

  • I heard the Bulgaria manager this morning saying that it should be punished "if it can be proven. If not, it's just speculation."

    What more proof do you need than footage of people doing Nazi salutes, and the audio?

    Fucking idiots. Imagine making England fans look like the grown up, decent ones. International football is a real race to the bottom.

  • Not all international football - Northern Ireland smashing up a team (for 45 mins at least) who had just schooled England for a first away friendly win in 13(!) years is a thing of pure innocent sporting joy.

    But Bulgaria must be kicked out of the competition and severely sanctions put in place for their fans, manager and FA if UEFA is to come away with any credibility whatsoever. So that won’t happen then.

  • UEFA haven't done anything yet but the Bulgraian Prime Minister has told the chief of the Bulgarian FA he should quit.

  • I wish the Chief of the English FA would tell our Prime Minister that he should quit.

  • Mihailov should have been sacked for the wig alone. It’s no more convincing now than it was in Reading 25 years ago.

  • A Bulgarian friend posted essentially an apology/ statement of embarrassment on their FB and has had comments from those in the stadium that the Bulgarians were set up. That the comments leading in to the match only served to antagonise racists and that it wasn’t anywhere like is being portrayed. That they are being broadly portrayed as racists feeding negative stereotypes of Eastern European’s.

    I’ve not found any footage with sound that supports mass wide spread chanting as eluded to, has anyone else?

    Is this narrative at all plausible?

  • Some quality Squires memories in the Guardian today:

  • I think, David Squires is the Ormondroyd of the late 00s - nows.

  • Only betterer.

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