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  • Will he start when he’s fully fit?

  • I have no idea how we got out with a point as well.
    kane didn’t do much at all, can’t really blame him, had limited service all game long.
    Under the cosh throughout, defended stoutly, though had the fear everytime city had a sight of goal.
    Kwp came out with a lot of credit being up against sterling and De Bruyne, he held his own, which is all you can really ask for from a player as relatively inexperienced as he is..

    We’ve played city better before and been beaten. So can’t complain.
    We’ll play better this season when our new players are bedded in and others are back from injury/suspension.
    We don’t play them again until end of January, so will be interesting to see how we approach that game.

  • I think Pulasic will be ahead simply because its a season to blood in youngsters Willian is good cover and can play on the left or right so maybe a rotation with Pedro

  • Opinion remains the same fella. Villa have had to buy in a entire squad because they relied heavily on loans. Diangana may be one of the good ones but the principle is that loans should be on request to the authorities based on proven injury crisis. If clubs couldn't loan players in then maybe bigger clubs wouldn't stock pile so many young ones knowing they would never ever play and those said young players might reconsider who they Ctually signed for. Loans benefit big clubs who pretend it benefits the lower teams. #voiceofreason

  • Yep. They can certainly help get in better players than would otherwise be available, but then you're developing players for another side's longterm benefit. Our new management have stated they will only ever be used with an option to buy which makes more sense, but for the good of the game it would be better if it was for emergencies only.

  • going to call out spurs whole defence for both goals and in particular Rose on the second. KDB allowed sooooooo much space. Hard to believe any of those players are talking to each other and making sure people are marked and covered. In an era where defenders are not allowed to touch opponents and now not allowed to have arms all other defensive skills need to be on point.

  • I would say kwp was equally guilty. Sterling often in acres. spurs very lucky

  • Walker-Peters was at fault for the first, should never have Sterling getting back post headers without even having to jump. Think City's defence need to be called out a bit more tho. City had to defend two moves, and fucked up both. Moura should never be getting unchallenged headers in the 6-yard box, even if he did have to jump a little. Spurs were as dominated as I've ever seen a team be, but the keeper still didn't have to make too many saves.

  • Moura’s got a leap on him better than most six footers.

    Sissoko should have been on the cover for sterling’s header..

    City will concede goals, it’s whether any team is close enough for it to make a difference.

  • No. 10 for me, mainly for the player with what looks like a false moustache at 23 seconds.

  • I thought KWP, and the whole defence, were pretty poor. Sterling had the beating of him for most of the game and really shouldn't give him a free header.

    The defence is probably going to be Spurs' biggest liability this season.

  • footballers so shocked at racism they're gonna quit social media .... for a little while

    ahhhhh problem solved

  • maybe we should put footballers in charge of brexit

  • Ian Holloway is an utter belm, isn’t he?

  • In so many ways... not just the utter ignorance and stupidity, but the jingoistic assumption that it's 'our game' and we should still be making the rules. If it was down to reactionary cunts like him, there'd still be no substitutes and England would be boycotting the World Cup because it's not as good as the Home Championship.

    But contested drop-balls!

  • Is it time to merge the footy thread with the Brexit thread?

  • Of the highest order...stupid on the VAR/Brexit thing but he would also transfer list Lingard for being young and making a video on a hotel room. Idiot.

  • Merge everything into this thread

  • Except the international tournament threads.

  • And the current projects/hhrsbsrrrbshhfhshdffhhhhh stuff

  • Yes. I seem to remember reading somewhere that he has 4x daughters, 3 of whom are profoundly deaf. A cruel man, might suggest that the one who isn't is very unlucky.

  • reckon it could be over a decade since I last watched the professionals live. but was cracking tense game in the brilliant company of our two resident baggies and two thirds of our resident tims. @clintsmoker and @Soul

    loved it. Will try and see the albion a bit more this year when they play London teams

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  • Got to say I was chuffed with Reading's performance, would have been happy with a point at the start but obviously a late penalty is a bit of a downer. Baggies look a decent side and Bilic enough nous about him to see you there or thereabouts at the end of the season

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