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  • Chelsea losing the bedwetters league, there. Looks like it’s United in pole position, although Arsenal have played a blinder to make a late run to clinch it.

  • Phew!
    Dodged a bullet there.

  • A (fucking) star is (fucking) born...

    He gets it right in his last sentence... 😂😂😂

  • Don't quite know where this leaves us for next season... Can't believe we've qualified after the year we've had, started well then simply faded away...

    We could even wind up with a trophy, which I find even more amazing, tho' we've been pretty solid in the Europa League... So if we win our next three games, what then? Third in the table and Europa champions, vindication for Sarri or just dumb luck? Eden away, transfer ban, might actually do us some good...

  • Championes!

    Fair play to Villa, guard of honour post match along with letting us enjoy the celebrations.

  • So, where are our beloved Spuds? They were so vocal up until this weekend.... U OK, gaiz?

  • If we end up third, which is, it has to be said, unlikely, it will be the most ridiculous season ever.

    Well done to ManU for really pulling the hat out of the rabbit and winning acclaim from all the pundits on the way.

    Well done to Arsenal for keeping the spirit of Wenger alive.

    Well done to Tottenham for challenging and being the best and most Spursy side ever.

  • supporting Leicester this evening. Looks like City are too scared to press high in case Leicester pop it over the top.

  • Fucking hell Vincent, banger

  • City has more Germans then Leicester’s Huth and Lineker.

  • Is it over yet?

  • With Liverpool 3-0 down from their Champions League semi-final first leg against Barcelona and second in the table, it is looking increasingly likely that they will end the season without a trophy, but one supporter who called into talkSPORT's Andy Goldstein believes that the club should be given a trophy regardless of whether they finish top of the league.
    "It's been such a gripping title race. I thought we should get a trophy if we finish second," he said.
    "If we get 97 points, it's astronomical, Alex Ferguson never got that many.
    "Come up against this City team, they've spent all that money.
    "We've got Champions League semi-final coming up, what have they got?
    "We've won the Champions League five times, what's anybody else done?"

  • Kopite in not-resting-on-prehistoric-laurels shocker... Would be hilarious if it wasn't so prevalent amongst all those bellends...

  • If you're a football fan who hates Liverpool, you must be cursing City for winning last night.

    Liverpool having it all in their own hands and then pissing it up the wall would surely be more satisfying.

    I can't see Brighton taking points off City, but Liverpool v Wolves has frustrating draw written all over it.

  • Two draws would be funny

  • Especially if both Wolves and City equalised in the last minute.

  • Liverpool’s points total would have been enough to win it 98% of the time. I doubt they’ll have a better season ever again.

  • Hence why they deserve a trophy

  • I was going over that horror show in my head earlier

    Liverpool wining comfortably... late brighton equaliser but city go right up the end and score in the 95th min... que wrecked heads everywhere

  • tbh getting a prize for not winning is only copying Spurs.

  • New stadium is hosting the rugby challenge and champions cup finals in 2021
    Wondering whether it’ll get to host a champions league or Europa league final in the next couple of years? It seems stadiums can bid to host them with uefa, but not sure if any other English stadium has hosted a finals apart from Wembley? Old Trafford? Emirates?

    (Edit) did some quick googling and old Trafford (once) and Wembley (multiple times -champions league, city of Manchester stadium (once) Europa league..

  • How about those recent results, eh?

  • I would love it if Liverpool get a 3-3 draw and City lose 4-0 but win the title on Goals Scored.

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