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  • Funnily enough, when I was 16yo I got an overhead kick right in my hooter when goin to head the ball. Broken nose and claret all over the shop

    He never got sent off though


  • yeah I'd agree, only issue is throwing Aurier into the deep end of a game we conceivably have to win to even think about getting out of the group stages. And I worry about us having enough on the bench to change things around, if we need to chase a goal.
    Dortmund, have a host of injuries, so we might be meeting them at the right time.

  • After getting a shoeing from Boro tonight I hope we see the back of Bruce and his terrible negative tactic-free football.

  • Naismith was fucking ace. Bags of limitations but smart enough to work around them. His Chelsea hattrick was glorious.

    Anyways, re: the blues. Mark O'Brien, as ever, nails it:­12/lets-start-to-dance-again/

  • He looks more like a Beryl Cook painting every time I see him.

  • But don't let facts get in the way of the wankery of this thread.

    Nothing will get in the way of that. an unstoppable force of W A N K

  • After getting a shoeing from Boro tonight I hope we see the back of Bruce and his terrible negative tactic-free football.

    How is JT doing?

  • Playing himself into the managerial hotseat.

  • Boro to win and Bruce to be replaced by JT. What a dream.

  • Am I alone in thinking that Terry would be a disaster zone as a manager?

  • No - but that won't stop Villa appointing him, and a couple of other clubs after that, before he heads off to BT/SKY.

  • Harry Redknapp mk2.

  • "just fucking run around!"

  • Player manager will all play having to go through him. what could go wrong

  • I suspect he would jump at the chance to manage and part of the reason would be that he wouldn't need to play as much anymore. This season myst be taking its toll on his ageing limbs.

    Can't think of many player managers who have played very much. At Chelsea in recent times we've had Guillit, Vialli and Hoddle. All used it as an excuse to step back from playing.

  • Am I alone in thinking that Terry would be a disaster zone as a manager?

    Although I doubt he would ever make a Chapions League and possibly not a Premier League manager, I could see him being successful in the Championship. He has played under some of the best managers at Chelsea and England including TSO, Ancelloti, Hiddinck, Conte, Ranieri and even TFSW. He is an able communicator and motivator. He has always spent time with the youth sides.

    Who would have thought that Jody Morris could ever be a coach but he has been the most successful youth coach in the last couple of years.

  • I doubt many saw Jokanovic as a great manager at that level but he has certainly proved himself with Watford and Fulham.

  • Seriously, Naismith was absolute garbage!

  • Pisti scale of player ratings:

    0 - W A N K
    1 - Cock fizzer

    nothing in between. Easy to apply. Do they play for everton? if no, 0, if yes, did they play well last game? if y, 1, if n, 0.

  • Would #rep if I could.

  • OK - nothing special. But given that we've changed formation and/or personnel every game so far it's hard to be too critical. Passing much better than previous incumbents but obv extremely slow. Gave away a stupid free kick that cost us a goal the other day as he was outpaced. Not as vocal in organising the defense as I would like or expect, but prepared to give him a while longer (and decent manager to work with).
    I don't think he'll get the player manager gig, but who knows with Villa. He's only now working on his coaching badges I think. He might do alright one day - as Clive says, he's worked with some great managers, but I would fear he'd be a bit Tim Sherwood. (Maybe that's a bit harsh.)

  • @villa-ru got to say I am impressed with Bacuna so far at Reading.

  • Kevin Nolan currently player-manager of Notts County. Registered as a player (when squad was low) but not played and not likely to. Its a terrible idea.

  • He got an enormous amount of grief at Villa. Not a bad utility player but suffered from that adaptability and never nailed down a place. Was a bit of a scapegoat for our recent crapness IMO.

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