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  • Foot like a traction engine

  • Oh Derby. Given the rub of the green by the ref, they still managed to lose to Leicester reserves.

    Still, can focus on the league now.

  • Guess who had to go and tidy the house up just before the match kicked off, and has now just turned the match on to see the third goal for Leicester? Good goal that.

  • As much as I enjoy the Wenger out rants it is a bit ridiculous. I hate him but he is an amazing manager. Arsenal have essentially had a shit team for about 5 years and he has them in the top 4 every year (above us as Im sure gooners will delight in). When he leaves Arsenal are fucked, the only reason they are where they are is because of him. I look forward to it immensely. Chelsea can get new managers in every 6 months and it makes no difference because they have no particular style of play, Arsenal do and will be lost without him.

  • Bullshit. He's not some alchemist turning pig iron into gold, he's a football manager. Other football managers are available.

  • Looking forward to a freezing afternoon in Brum, no doubt featuring a dull defensive display, a goal keeping howler and a draw to the tractor boys. Half time balti pie is about the most exciting prospect.
    Oh...and meeting up with a guy I was at school with (Ipswich fan) and haven't seen since. Should be interesting.

  • I want Wenger to stay. He is the last of the managers who will forever be assocaiated with one club. Wenger is Arsenal and Arsenal is Wenger and they both sit happily in fourth slot.

    Let him have another ten years.

  • Most Arsenal supporters alive today are only Arsenal supporters because of Wenger's success in the past. They owe everything to him and it would be churlish to remove him when his project is incomplete. Anyway, he is probably the only manager who would tolerate the way in which Arsenal is run as a business.

  • Since you gave up that Driver on the Wing nonsense your trolling game has suffered.

  • Based on points per squad cost top 6 currently looks like -

    1. Arsenal
    2. Chelsea
    3. Spurs
    4. City
    5. Liverpool
    6. United

    Which makes it look as though Arsenal's problems are not with Wenger who is punching above his weight but the Board.

  • Liverpool have banned The Sun. It's not all doom and gloom :)

  • Should've done it 28yrs ago

  • I thought Wenger had a much bigger transfer budget than he uses though?

    Isn't that one of the reasons why he's unpopular despite their incredible consistency?

  • I'm curious where Burnley are in this made up league. I'm feeling champions league next year.

  • So Mark Warburton's resignation was pretty inept.

    I for one welcome our new inept manager.

  • Who isn't actually our manager. Or maybe the manager of any other team?

  • Got to fancy Tottenham today. I expect a massive win for them to close the gap

  • Close what gap? You mean reduce it to 6 points for 24hrs?

  • On the way to the Olympic Park for the away game today. Could do without the snow...

  • Games are getting postponed out here due to the heatwave, catastrophic fire tornado warnings in most places... And zombie koalas on the loose again... Funny old world...

    Oz footie is sooooo shit, load of old bollocks...

  • Yeah that one, Getting a bit cocky now are we. What happened to the poor little underdog mantra?

  • Classic Mike deflection tactics... #kloppout

  • Indeed. Feckin freezing up here too. Fueling on Guinness and pork bap pre match. Hoping many nice, but pricey base layers and insulated gilets will work as currently roasting in the pub.

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