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  • Everyday we stray further from the light

  • Bloody hell, since when has a bottle of A'Bunadh cost 90 quid! It was one of the few nas bottlings I'd happily recomend to people but that is a piss take.

  • Most of those deals are no better than supermarket prices (when in special) if not worse.

  • This thread can be so depressing for those who pay in CAD…

  • In Ontario, you can buy 4 ounces of weed for the price of a bottle Corrywrekan and in Scotland you can buy four bottles of Corrywrekan for the price of an ounce of weed.


  • No idea what price weed around here, but just one province west of ON and everything, especially luxury items, costs way more.
    Of course, one province over for us is more akin to 4 countries for some.

  • $35 domestic luxury

    (not sure if you encountered or remember the craze about this stuff 5 years ago)

  • Everyday we stray further from the light

    It's still tequila/rum season

  • Yeah, had it when it came out, good ice cream topping.

  • Sad times. Sadly out of contention at the price it is now. I think I paid £90 for the two bottles I’ve had. Basically double now, as we all well know.

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  • I remember went you could actually buy Yamazaki 18 at £160. It's now £800, assuming you can even find it.

  • Well japanese whisky has been a joke for a long time now and will probably won't ever get better fur to their inability to produce high enough volumes.

    I'm just hoping the trend for certain scotch distilleries to go ever higher in price will bite them in the arse if people do the sensible thing and stop buying it. The good thing about scotch is the amount of choice out there.

  • Yeah there’s always bells eh?

  • I'm more of a Teacher's man tbh.

    But seriously you can pick up a bottle of Ledaig 18 for under 90 quid and even if they were the same price I'd still go for the Ledaig. There's plenty of options put there.

  • I was up in Lossiemouth a couple of months ago and managed to nip into a few distilleries, these two from Benriach and Glenfarclas are really nice, got talked into some limited run distillery only bottles as well but don't have pictures of those right now. Was tempted by a birth year bottle at Glenfarclas but cashflow issues so couldn't do it. Standout so far is a Glenallachie 12, I'll get a pic of that soon, properly nice that.

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  • Partner picked this up in Aldi because she found out how much I'd been spending on other stuff. £17, actually not bad at all.

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Whisky / Whiskey / Bourbon

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