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  • "everything louder than everything else"

    Deep Purple - Made in Japan

  • I'm now listening to Motorhead.

  • Yes. I meant Hibiki not Yamazaki.

    I forgot. It has been so long since either were available at sensible prices.

  • I think the last time I had that was with you at 'da club'.

    I almost opened the bottle of Taketsuru on the weekend but thought it was a bit flash for hip flask use.


  • at 'da club'.

    Good times. My membership lapsed years ago. Dad tings.

  • Is Glenfiddich any good?
    I have always discounted it, likely because growing up there was a bottle in our cupboard, next to a bottle of Bells, and neither ever got drunk, so I assumed it was also a shit bottle.

    Recently MrsDeth asked me for a recommendation as a leaving gift for someone in her company.
    Someone had suggested a Glenfiddich and I started questioning which of us was a madman.

  • I've always enjoyed it when I've had it, certainly a good middle of the road option. Bit like how some blends are actually great, but they get discounted because they're not single malt.

  • Have to admit, I tend to look for an age statement on my scotch.

  • Yeah I'm a snob for that with distiller 'expressions', I meant third party blends.

  • depends if they're a whisky drinker or not i guess?
    the 18 isn't bad.
    i didn't think much to the experimental series (fire & cane, IPA) stuff.
    the 12 is pretty rubbish - sort of stuff you get from a relative at x-mas who knows you like whisky but doesn't drink it themselves...

    edit should qualify my statement, when i say the 12 is rubbish, i mean a bit boring taste wise. not a lot of depth etc. there are nicer alternative blends at a similar pricepoint IMO

  • Nothing wrong with Glenfiddich, never going to be mind blowing perfectly decent for a whisky that you can get cheap and pretty much everywhere. I've found the quality of the 12 to vary a bit over the years but I think that's due to the insane quantities that are produced more than anything.

    Nothing wrong with wanting an age statement, there are exceptions but a hell of a lot of them are simply passing off young (and not very good) for a price they wouldn't be able to if it had the true age on it.

  • Picked this up in Aldi. I thought worth a punt for £25 as i like a Japanese whisky even though what we mostly get over here isn't Japanese but its as good as most of my usual go to's that are usually in the £35-£45 bracket. Warning order your bike parts before you've had couple of these not after to avoid getting into trouble

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  • Causes upgradeitis?

  • Yeah it's a pretty serious issue 😬

  • My local off has Springbank 10, 15 & 18. Just got the 10.

    Pepper, spice, bit of smoke and sherry. Really lovely. I really want to try the 12 but can't find it anywhere. When is Springbank season?

  • £19 Woodford and £27 Talisker 10 the standouts from Amazon Black Friday for me

  • this is an absolute belter - dangerously moreish.

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  • Not sure how I missed this thread!

    These are my current open bottles.

    Dartmoor Bordeaux Cask: It's OK, nothing special, bought as it is relatively local to me, but not worth the £60 a bottle, more like £30
    Auchentoshan: Bought to try virgin cask, its really different, still not sure if I like it or not
    Aberlour A'Bunadh: I love Sherry aged, and this one is right up there, only beaten by...
    Signatory Inchgower 97: This stuff is lovely, needs watering down a touch, lovely and sweet as a sheery cask should be.

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  • not worth the £60 a bottle

    That's the hard thing for smaller/younger distilleries. They're always going to seem overpriced when compared to the more established players. Small volumes and getting taxed as soon as it's bottled is such a killer.

    A'Bunadh is one of the few non age statement whiskies that I'll buy, as you say a real sherry banger.

    If you're a big sherry head then I'm assuming you've had the Glendronach 18? It's incredible, Christmas cake in a glass. If you haven't, try to get hold of some now as Jack Daniels have just bought them and are in the process of ruining it. Look for bottles that still state that it's non chill filtered and natural colour as JD think it's better to not do that anymore.

  • That's the hard thing for smaller/younger distilleries. They're always going to seem overpriced when compared to the more established players. Small volumes and getting taxed as soon as it's bottled is such a killer.

    Yes, very true. And to be fair, I don't normally go for Bordeaux cask, but they were out of the sherry cask, will try that next.

    I have had the Glendronach, but hadn't realised they had been taken over, so will grab a bottle whilst I can...

  • Yeah, tbh red wine finishes are extremely hit and miss across the board and I generally avoid them as well.

    There are some good under the radar sherry offerings in diageos flora and fauna range. The Dailuaine and Blair Athol are good value, the Mortlach is a lovely dram but is insane money these days.

  • Just spotted this has popped up behind my office. Might pop in and drink all the Rob Roys. Not sure about whisky and crisp flights.


  • Yeah, have some now. It's seriously nice. I usually drink single malts like Ardbeg, but I think this is nicer and considerably less expensive.

  • Thanks for the tips, both of them look very reasonably priced, so have added them to the ever increasing wishlist!

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Whisky / Whiskey / Bourbon

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