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  • Luckily yes!

  • Anyone want empty Woodford bottles? One has a novelty wooden box thingie.

    Someone must use these old bottles for DIY projects, right?

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  • Visited Glengoyne

    Such a great tour and yes, underrated. The 18 in particular I remember as being quite tasty, the Queen Mother was a fan IIRC.

  • https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/164644954630?­hash=item26559aa206:g:tz4AAOSws5NgAKI0

    I have a tube of this (no bottle) and it seems someone has bought it empty for more than it cost to buy filled. :S

    Anyone collect whisky tubes and want a Glenfiddich one?

  • Also, anyone want any 'drinks by the dram' bottles? I kept them to share whiskies between workmates but none of us go to the office any more.

  • i've always thought it's a bit of a shame that there's no return scheme for whisky bottles, especially the nicer ones.
    seems a shame to just (recycling) bin them considering the energy/resources that go into making them, but what else can you do?

  • Same. Which is why I mentioned them here. Seems like a massive waste of bottles that could be used for Sloe gin or any of that other shit people get into.

  • We've been sticking fairy lights in them for the garden when the evening draws in.
    It's all a bit Instagram but it gives the jazzy bottles a new use

  • Not sure there would be any interest in these, I’ve taken some whisky/bourbon barrel tops, cleaned, sealed and attached legs. Here are the two that have been completed so far, the others are awaiting a clean and seal. One has sold (the darker one) but is an indication of the type of thing I’m aiming for

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  • Any ideas for a similar flavour to Jameson?

    (Also price point) :oP

  • Joking…

  • Hilario.

    First post in here but not a fan of peaty bollocks either. (Laphroaig / Glenfiddich etc)

    Jameson's stable not too sweet not too peaty.

    Tried Bushman's but that didn't agree.

    Jonny Walker Black label was OK...

    No point spending much more as get through it.

  • Arran 10.

    It's not sensational or must try or "world's number one".
    It's a decent whisky to come home to and is nicer than Jameson's (from memory).

  • Ta muchly.

    Will give a go.

  • Giving this a try it was £12 off at co-op so £25 and it says luscious nectar on the bottle. I can't handle big boys whisky but this is very mellow. Slips down nicely enough but not one of those that if someone gave me a glass I'd go ooh what's this?

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  • Try auchentoshan, it's basically Irish whisky made in Scotland. Some of the non age statement bottlings are around the same price as jameson but if you're happy to pay a bit more go for the 12 year old.

  • I'm taking notes. Thanks ;O)

  • All communal garden around here and I don't like using power on pretty things anyway. If they were functional, say, lighting a path I'm always falling over, then I'd consider them.

  • Get a drinks by the dram / whiskyexchange taster pack and make your mind up from five tasting options instead of opinions.

  • Ron Zacapa XO bottle and the little dram bottles

  • Living the dream, no such kits available in this part of the world : (

  • I use my little drinks by the dram bottles to hold paint when I'm painting, bit niche.

  • Oh, where are you? Maybe someone can deliver more local knowledge?

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Whisky / Whiskey / Bourbon

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