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  • Cracked open the Crabbies 8yo single malt.
    It reminds me of why i didn't like whisky for the longest time, its grim.
    Reminiscent of Bells/ Teachers.
    Avoid is my official recommendation.

  • Have a port Dundas 13 and caol ila 12 on the way.

  • I have the Caol Ila; really strong on the nose, drinks a little calmer though.
    I like it.

  • Bought the 2019 18 yo Macallan in sherry cask for the wee man's birth a few months ago.

    During the house move it shifted in the box and seal has now broken


    Guess we'll have to find the money to buy a new one and drink this one

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  • Goes well with Ribena.

  • There's worse things to be forced to drink

  • It smells like it's going to be really wild. But it's not. It's great.

  • Yep. I won’t buy it all the time as I don’t have the cash to keep more than a bottle or two on the premises and I miss my Highland Park.

  • Opened this last night, heavy peat on the nose but quite subtle when tasting. Lovely dessert flavours, caramel, vanilla, sea salt and citrus but not overly sweet. It's very nicely balanced I think people not usually fond of peat and smoke would be able to get in to this.

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  • Laphroaig 10 is £26 with a Clubcard at Tesco at the minute

  • My local big sainsburys had a stack of single malts discounted by a tenner or more..
    I did not buy any as I have whiskey that needs drinking at home, but yours may have the same discounts..
    Photos below

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  • Can't see it in yours, but mine had Laphroaig 10 at 28 as well if you can't get to a Tesco. Just waiting for a Balvenie discount now - everything but that seems to rotate in!

  • It's my semi-regular whisky tasting session via Zoom call again this Friday and this has just turned up from Amazon

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  • And yes I appreciate that's a whiskey that I posted up there.

    The last session was held post-Giro and with lots to talk about the Glenmorangie took a bit of a battering

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  • Longrow and chocolate for dessert tonight

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  • Bunnahabhain 12 currently £30 at Waitrose - been wanting to try this one for a while

  • Glen Moray is boring . AVOID.

  • You know the point of whisky is to drink it right?

    Investment booze >>>

  • I'd take that Highland Park.

    @hippy have you never had delayed gratification 🙃

    When the little man is 18 we'll open it and hopefully he'll hate whisky...

    We picked this up yesterday, Welsh whisky, port barrel aged

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  • I do cellar beer and I have a couple of bottles of expensive whisky that are "waiting for an appropriate reason" to crack them open (rather than me just being pissed, which is basically always these days), but I'm certainly not keeping them worried about their value.

  • I think I've had their whisky liqueur before. Or maybe someone bought a bottle of their whisky to work. Or both.

  • Redbreast 12 is delicious, enjoy!

  • My friends launched a new whiskey ‘Good times’ and it’s actually nice, I was trying to be objective on first taste.
    If anyone is after something different check it out. My dog Hazel likes it.

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  • Irish Whisk(e)y?
    thread ends

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Whisky / Whiskey / Bourbon

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