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  • Thanks all! Looks like first step is off to local Tesco's!

  • Arbelour 12 is £29 in Sainsburys right now. I cannot think of a better whisky for £30, its a steal at full price.

  • £28 in Tesco!

  • A little more expensive but one to keep in mind for the future is the Bunnahabhain 12

    It's an Islay but really not peaty and it's top of my list, everything I taste is now compared to that.

  • Going to get me to tescos. At that price ill stock up a couple of bottles. Its nearly winter, Ill need the stocks for second lock down.

  • I can't remember if I flagged this one but Mortlach is a cracking malt! Worth trying if you see it

  • Yep, the flora and fauna release is especially good but it's double the price it was a couple of years ago.

  • Texas single malt?! What is the flavour like?

  • Assuming it's Balcones - amazing. Not cheap though.

    Got to chat with their ops director when they did a tour over here. Really interesting group of people with some radical but logical ideas on distillation and maturation.

  • 10 year anniversary present from my wife, I'll be having a wee dram this evening.

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  • This is truly incredible, first taste with no water, I can only describe it as a smoke bomb going off in your mouth. It almost evaporates on the tongue to fill your mouth with smoke, only thing I can compare it to is the thick chewy smoke of a full bodied cigar.

    A couple of teaspoons of water tames the smoke and brings out the peat, lots of dry fruit and spice. There is a hell of a lot going on. Really intrigued how this will open up in the next month.

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  • Oh nice, I'll have to try it if I see it.

  • Had a Port Charlotte, heavily peated, in the hotel bar last night.
    Pretty decent, my Islay experience is pretty much Laphroaig, so was expecting similar.
    It's a little heavy on the smoke, but almost zero TCP/ medicinal taste.

    Will pick up a bottle one day

  • Yeah I really like Port Charlotte. Had a bottle last Christmas. Very tasty.

  • just ordered a bottle of aerolite lyndsay - 10yr old single malt from an undisclosed islay distillery.
    hopefully it lives up to the reviews and not just clever marketing!

    port charlotte is very tasty indeed!

  • Nothing is really that similar to the Laphroaig TCP/medicinal character, Ardbeg has it a bit but more muted. You can't really go wrong with anything from Bruichladdich.

  • Thursday: ran out of Old Forester

    Saturday: gifted a bottle of Makers Mark


  • I really liked the Aerolite Lyndsey. Have nearly finished a bottle and will be ordering again.

  • Had a tasting round at a pal's house in the garden last night, sat around the fire. Really enjoyed the Aerolite, we also had a bottle of 'dark bargain' - another undisclosed distillery Islay single malt which was very pleasant and well worth a try if you're into smoke.

  • Ooh. Thanks for the tip. That’s on offer on Master of Malt - £29.

  • Talk to me about mellow corn. I'm intrigued.

  • Did not know this was a thing, and will probably never get to try/buy one, but getting bottles of bourbon from a barrel you’ve brought excites me.
    Is this done with scotch/Irish whisky?
    Would it be possible for a group to purchase a single barrel?


  • My uncle and cousin bought a barrel from some new Islay distillery. Wasn't cheap, but they reckon they can sell enough of it to make a healthy profit and also have plenty of bottles left from themselves. Have to wait 10+ years though.

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Whisky / Whiskey / Bourbon

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