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  • I’m saving mine for playing with in the paddling oool with the kids.

    Who said smokey bacon crisps? I can’t get it out of my head. Not sure if it’s helping or hindering appreciation. It’s bloody lovely tho.

  • I'd always say it's worth a try. It's quite common for distilleries to teaspoon a whisky of another single malt into a batch so it it can't be sold as a single malt from that distillery and it's becoming even more common just to white label a single malt. A lot of the time it's not because it's bad it just tastes too different to the distillery style. At that price it's worth a punt.

  • Sheeeit

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  • /envy

    Picked up some Jura 10 year on offer for £25 in Sainsbury's. Very nice and smooth, a lot fruitier than I expected, lots of plum, very little peat and smoke

  • "yes. I do like peat. How did you guess?"

  • Ready for Ardbeg day tomorrow then?

    I spent forever refreshing the page for a bottle of Blaaack on Wednesday as I’d missed the committee release and assumed it’d sell out quickly. It’s of course still available and I doubt my bottle will be arriving in time for tomorrow. I’ve got a tiny sample bottle of the 23 from a distillery visit which I might open for the occasion

  • We got a cigar thread on here? I've seen a few people buy/sell decent/half-decent bottles of whiskey etc on here so wondered if there might be interest in some cigars.


  • Thank you...and now 3 minutes


  • Well we will soon find out!

  • The Ardbergs are back on Masters of Malt flash sales (not sure if the prices are the same)

  • Birthday present from my wife, I definitely picked a good one.

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  • a friend is putting on the following event; the ladies of this thread may be interested

    Katie works at a famous Soho whisky bar, and knows her stuff, tune in!


  • Uigeadail, first taste upon opening the bottle was like drinking high octane treacle, really intense but pleasant. The immediate aftertaste however was a little nasty, like a thick meaty creosote.

    I thought I'd leave it to soften for a few days and a week later the slightly off aftertaste is very different, to me at least. Much more drinkable and enjoyable, if not before anything else you want to taste.

    I was worried for a few days that I would hate it! I still prefer the smokier Ten I think.

  • Gf's grandad's 90th coming up. Was thinking of sending him a bottle of whisky... I've been told he drinks Dalwhinnie. Any recommendations of something similar but not?

  • Macallan, any of them.

  • Anyone tried this. I highly don’t recommend it. It was a gift from a client who works for them so was gratefully received. Unfortunately it has been reduced to service in making hot toddies and Rob Roy cocktails.

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  • it has been reduced to service in making hot toddies and Rob Roy cocktails

    I think that's fine, we all need a mixing whisky, at least you didn't pay for it.

  • This however is surprisingly good at £17 from Aldi.

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  • First couple of drams of Corryvreckan today.

    Sharp smoke and strong prunes . Really lovely. I saw some comments saying it's a bit of a curiosity and not an everyday whisky (hopefully that doesn't exist), but I would quite happily only drink this bottle till it's finished.

    I personally enjoyed the first drams of this far more than the Uigeadail which is too sickly for me when first opened.

  • A lot of Fathers Day related supermarket discounts about

  • Woodford Reserve currently £20 at Tesco and Amazon, Waitrose had an exclusive edition in store for £25 too.

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Whisky / Whiskey / Bourbon

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