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  • Got a ka la van soloist whiskey again but the cask strength 59.4% version. It's better neat than with a drop of water. Neat and lovely.

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  • My wife's family are great I'm really lucky, they all know I'm crazy into scotch but when we were visiting in the summer I mentioned that I was fascinated by armagnac and would love to learn more. Guess they actually listen when I'm blathering on.

  • Picked some of this up in sainsbury for £26.66 thought it was worth checking out


    It's sainsbury in pimlico if your in the hood and interested

  • Cotswolds Single Malt is genuinely among the best I've ever tasted. Just lovely!

  • Picked up an Octomore 8.2 from duty free this morning and just giving it a try.

    Absolutely crazy stuff, 8 years in European oak with the usual ridiculous peat content. The wine barrels it’s been in have given it a ton of fruit which is probably even more noticeable than the smoke. It’s not subtle but I’m a big fan.

  • Had a bit of a sore throat all day, decided to dip into the collection, started with this

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  • Decided a round number was nicer, so washed it down with more of the Scottish stuff...

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  • Treating myself to a few whiskys in the Lord Wargrave. First up Springbank 15.

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  • Absolute beast that is Ardbeg Corryvreckan

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  • Swiss whisky. Interesting.

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  • ^ interesting good or interesting bad?

    I wish I still had some Gouden Carolus for tonight.

  • It's very young, sweet, spicy and peaty but the finish is very short, it's a bit all over the place but the spice dominates . Going to give it a few months to open up before trying it again.

  • My mate is in a band, a whisky band... Come join in the fun? https://thewhiskyband.com/shows

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Whisky / Whiskey / Bourbon

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