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  • But does Amazon have Nikka Days?


    I bought that. It looks bright and sunny.

  • Would anyone on here want to buy an old bottling of Glennorange 10 single malt (suspected 1978 bottle according to google) ? Gift from mother-in-law as father-in-law doesn’t drink it anymore, sadly neither do I...

  • Brought myself a bottle of laphroaig to replace the bourbon the outlaws drank whilst I wasn’t in town. To be fair I hadn’t been up here in a year.
    Also got a bottle of Ardmore as a present.
    Finding the laphroaig softens off nicely with a cube of ice in it. And I’ll try the Ardmore tonight after dinner..

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  • Drinking some Bowmore while opening presents, then I get this:

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  • Mrs EB came good with a Lagavulin 16.

    All the best everyone!

  • Great stuff! In France visiting my wife's family for Christmas, got a great surprise from the in-laws.

    I don't know Jack about cognac, how old is that bottle? Looks like it's been in the cave for 50 years.

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  • New Year's resolution: drink more whisky

  • I'm enacting Whiskey Wednesdays to get through mine.

  • I have this issue, need to cultivate some sophisticated drinking buddies...

  • I also know nothing about Cognac.

    However this bottle is from my grandmother in law’s (Madame Dumont) cave, specially commissioned, probably around 40-50 years ago.

    A little bit apprehensive about opening a bottle like it as a Cognac novice...

    My in-laws say that the contents of the cave was almost half the value of the house, and they were probably right.

  • Talisker 18 for me :)

    My third bottle of the stuff in a couple of years. Just so good.

  • Opened a bottle of Bruichladdich Octomore X4+10 last night. Quadruple distilled, ridiculous peat content and 70%. Not like anything I’ve had before

  • Yes. How much?

  • Hi, sorry I’ve no idea, make me an offer! Forum discounts etc... cheers,

  • The Bruichladdich website says this is from their super heavily peated series, Sounds very intense!

  • Armagnac is not the same as cognac but both are brandies. Armagnac is single distilled vs the double distillation for cognac. For Laubade, their year statement versions are aged at least 15 years before bottling. As a single source it only carries the year statement so you can ignore the usual VS/VSOP/XO designations. I can only conclude that your in-laws think highly of you.

    tl;dr - very jealous

  • Hah interesting, I got a 1976 Armagnac for christmas as well! Birth year, total surprise to me. I've never had Armagnac, but will keep it for a special event

  • And another bottle of Machir Bay for me - its fantastic stuff.

  • Nice gift from the missus; never been a member of a drinking club..

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  • Yeah it’s even more heavily peated than the regular Octomore series. It’s at 162ppm while I think something like ardbeg is at 55. It was distilled 4 times so I’d imagine a fair bit of that will have disappeared up the chimney but it’s definitely intense!

  • We've had a few bottles of this in our collection for a while.

    Was stunned to find out that they're changing hands for ~£400 per bottle now days!

    Not sure I ever pictured myself drinking a £400 bottle of whisky.

    Edit: here's some details https://www.masterofmalt.com/whiskies/hi­biki/hibiki-12-year-old-whisky/

    If we'd known, perhaps we wouldn't have drunk the first two bottles. It's astonishingly good.

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  • Wow, this is interesting.

    Apparently most remaining bottles don't come with the box so even the box sells for £40 on eBay. The box is now worth more than we paid per bottle!

  • Just in case you guys think I'm lame enough to buy just the box 😄

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  • I miss my bottle of the 17 Hibiki - bought many years ago when this shit was available an reasonably priced. Best blend hands down. I think @jaw recieved a bottle of the 21 as a gift. He clearly transcended upon drinking it as he has not posted much since then. :(

  • This is my retirement fund bottle and box - both signed by Jeff Arnett, the 7th master distiller at Jack Daniels. He was amazing to meet and we spent 20 minutes talking about Japanese whisky.


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Whisky / Whiskey / Bourbon

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