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  • fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu¬≠uuu!!!!!!!

  • I bought some Michters Rye on the recommendation of George from the Soho Whiskey Club.
    Only used it in Manhattans but it seems nice enough.

  • Who does that?

    Do you need help digging the graves?

  • I had to move out of a flat once because my flatmate drank a bottle of my whiskey when I was on holiday and the resulting fury was not good for living conditions.

  • Wow, not cool. Why would anyone think it was OK to crack in to someone's whiskey stash.

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  • Bulleit Rye is pretty decent for mass produced stuff, but I think you'll have to experiment. Living in the SW you'll pay a premium for bourbon as it's region specific (Kentucky), but it seems like new distilleries are opening all over the US now and probably producing some interesting stuff like blue corn whiskey (native to NM, btw). Think global, drink local, or something like that.

  • Houseguests be like

  • blue corn whiskey made in Texas but looks good!

    I've been told of a decent liquor store on the other side of town, so I'll go see what they have and recommend.

    Availability so far is pretty mainstream, Pendleton and also Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye seem to be the best on offer.

    I'm sure they'll both be pretty drinkable if maybe not memorable.

    Thanks everyone for the advice.

  • You can look for the Balcones Blue Corn stuff - made in Texas but most of the corn is now sourced from Oklahoma as they kept cleaning out the NM grown harvest. They have to complete with the Blue Corn tortilla chip industry so it's quite hard to even get it. It is not my favourite from the Balcones range. The standard whisky is pretty astonishing.

  • My mate Adele did that to her brother's booze.

    Thanks for making me smile.

  • The Vintage House christmas list is pretty good this year.
    I've just picked up a bottle of 25 year old Tomintoul cask strength for less than £90

  • woodford reserve is 25 quid in saino's
    highland park also cheap.

  • Thanks, I'll keep you posted when I find out what I can get.

  • Breckenridge is a Colorado bourbon and it's fuckin delisshush and not too pricey...

    edit: might be a bit sweet tho

  • I also had a former colleague in Salt Lake City who had nice things to say about this stuff.


    It's made outside of Park City but I have never been able to try it.

    Are you in Santa Fe or Albuquerque or Taos? I love New Mexico so I am very Jealous with a capital J.

  • Maker's mark is ¬£24 in Tesco at the minute, cheapest I've seen it for a while.

  • Behind today's door was 3cl of 16yo Lagavulin. That's a good day.

  • Roswell, about three hours south.

    Loving it so far, much sky!

  • The truth is out there.....

  • Going to a delicious sherry-cask themed whiskey tasting tonight.
    This will be awesome!

    1. : GLENFARCLAS (Speyside) 1989-2016 Christmas Edition Sherrycask 46 %
    2. : BLADNOCH (Lowland) 1989-2016 Ref. Bourbon Single Cask G&M 48,7 %
    3. : DALMORE (Highlands) 10y 2005-2015 Fino Sherry Cask Alambic Classique 57,8 %
    4. : ABERLOUR (Speyside) 16y Bottled 2016 Sherrycask Handfilled Distillery Only 56,2 %
    5. : SPRINGBANK (Campbeltown) 8y 2007-2016 Sherrycask Springbank Society 57,2 %
    6. : LAPHROAIG (Islay) 15y 2001-2016 Ref. Sherrycask Old Malt Cask 50%
  • I emailed them a few days ago to see if they used isinglass in their fining process and they came back with the weirdest message... not really telling me if they do or not so I'm gonna give it a swerve... need to try something new but I might have to go for Bulleit again.

  • Nice line-up :)

  • I did a little sexwee when I saw the Glenfarclas

  • me too ;)

    got a 17y Glenfarclas myself but I'm really excited to try this one ... and the Aberlour should be great as well!

  • Along with lots and lots of fibreglass aliens and flying saucers...

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Whisky / Whiskey / Bourbon

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