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  • Fuck's sake mate. Best have one now to compensate.

  • I've got to get a monitor home safely. Then I will say hello to my little friend aka the fridge.

  • I'm gunna hate a few of those.

    Just to be sure.....

  • Advice needed please...

    I'm in the USA for a year (New Mexico) and I figured I'd try a bourbon rather than getting a Scotch which is my usual. Trouble is I've not had that many bourbons and those I've had seemed very sweet (one was like bloody toothpaste).

    I really like a smooth malt, The Balvenie is my favourite Scotch but I like pretty much all I've tasted. Clearly a bourbon will taste different (that is after all the point of getting something different, doh!), but can anyone recommend a not too pricy bourbon that won't be too sweet?

  • Do it. The ginger syrup is dead easy to make and once you have it: good bye stirring for a minute to make the old fashioned. Dangerous.

  • Go local and switch to tequila!

  • I already use maple syrup as my cheat anyway. Thank goodness I only have two large ice cube moulds.

  • Pragmatic advice: just get the Trader Joe's bourbon (made at same distillery as Buffalo Trace). Smoky, and tastes like rye. It's still pretty sweet, but not overwhelming like most bourbon. And it's $13-$15. I think you'll struggle to find a smooth bourbon that isn't sweet, no matter the price range.

    But New Mexico has plentiful, really good tequila.

  • Ha. I just got a sphere mould for my birthday. Just one so far. But I do like it.

  • From memory I feel like Eagle Rare is a smooth bourbon that is not too sweet. You can get it over here - I'm not sure that it will be cheaper in the States but you could try a glass of it and if it matched your expectations when you're over you can say 'something like an Eagle Rare?" etc and pick up a bottle of that (whatever 'that' ends up being). TBH if you find Eagle Rare too sweet then either try rye or go back to scotch, part of bourbon's character is just that it's sweeter than single malt.

  • Anyone had any Michters Rye or Whiskey? Looks like it could be my next purchase

  • Pro tip - get another

  • Reckon I might.

  • Bought myself a bottle of Dalwhinnie winter gold as a new house present, if I'm honest it's a very smooth honeyed whiskey but I think it's a bit too smooth and dare I say simple for my developing pallet, it's fine as a relaxing dram at the end of the day but not engaging enough for me, and slips downs a little too easily!

    been watching suits far too much and the marketing of macallan 18, anyone have any thoughts on it?

  • Rock Oyster, today. If somebody had told me that it was whisky mixed with brine that an oyster had been stored in, I'd have believed them.

  • This may or may not have been a factor in my recent Macallan purchase

  • @bikes_knob and @youramericanlover

    Thank you both, I look forward to hopefully finding and trying both.

    Definitely thinking I should have brought a bottle of duty free malt with me :(

  • Did you stick it in the freezer? It is more interesting that way. As you say it's a pretty straightforward sweet scotch but freezing without guilt is a nice change.

  • ^ frozen it's very nice - I agree, too drinkable! I'd like another bottle (this one was bought for Christmas, almost gone)

  • I think if you're trying to ultimately replace malt with bourbon, you're in for disappointment. You might find some of the rye whiskey interesting though. And Jameson tends to be available at a reasonable price.

  • it was on offer at waitrose at the weekend, £25

  • ^ I got it from Tesco.com for £25 with free delivery - its on offer until Jan

  • Hmmm, that could be a good plan. I have to admit I'm partial to Jameson's but my thinking was the when in Rome etc. I'm here for a year so try something new. Having lived in Scotland for a long time I developed a very partisan taste.

    Any recommendations for American rye Whiskeys?

  • I'm just back at home after eight weeks away. It appears that my Cardhu 27, the only valuable whisky I have ever owned, has been opened and thoroughly enjoyed (I hope) by various friends, family and other assorted visitors.

    If I find out anyone had ice or coke in it, I'll probably have a breakdown.

    I need a large whisky.

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Whisky / Whiskey / Bourbon

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