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  • It's getting towards that time why I buy my annual bottle of single malt whiskey to get me through the horror of Christmas. I normally go for the smokey goodness of Laphroaig, does anyone have an alternative recommendation in the same vein ?

  • PM Walkersan

  • I like Ardbeg, or Lagavulin. Both excellent Islay Malts

  • Ardbeg 10 year old. It's also from Islay so is a peaty smokey whisky and you can buy a cycling jersey to match.

    P.S. It's whisky from Scotland, whiskey is from Ireland.

  • Here's the jersey;

  • Lagavulin is very nice.

    However, I just got a bottle of this Glenrothes as a present. If you like single malts this is excellent.

  • Lagavulin is very nice.

    However, I just got a bottle of this Glenrothes as a present. If you like single malts this is excellent.


    A very nice single malt.

  • ^ Nice one dudes, dad's present sorted....

  • +1 Ardbeg. Also Talisker.

  • I bought myself a nice bottle of Balvenie Doublewood the other day. Very nice

  • PM Walkersan

    Ha! bourbon ....

  • ask jacqui or use the search

  • I have a very good tip off that the Highland Park 18 year old is one of the best around at the moment. They've changed their blend and it's had raving reviews. Only problem in my opinion is the packaging which they've changed too. The Whisky Exchange in Vinopolis near borough MKT is great for tastings. Ask them about almost anything and they'll get it out for you to try. And i think they're pretty cheap there too.

    But if your feeling cheap, and unadventurous, then you can't beat the 10yr old Laphroaig at the offie round the corner from mine: he does it for £18! - Lower Clapton Rd next door to the Round Chapel. He's your man.

  • Jura is a nice malt, 'specially the 16 YO

  • Glenmorangee with a bit of green and blacks on the side. Honestly try it, whiskey and dark chocolate is ace.

  • islay but you know, whatever you like, right?

  • whisky and dark chilli choclate is great.

    i normally drink makers mark, but only becuase i can get it for free. im much more a rum fan.

  • How do you get Makers for free? I heart bourbon.

  • Any of the fine compass box whiskies are good, if you lke peaty whisky try their Peat Monster, it is amazing!

  • I almost purchased a bottle of Laph from Waitrose t'other day.. only £19

  • I think Ardberg it is for this xmas, I've yet to try it and they seem to support cycling via the jerseys and the washing machine post.

    I don't normally mix single malts with anything, but tempted to try it with a cup of Lapsang Souchong for a smokey taste explosion

  • I saw a bottle of that Stones Ginger Wine in an offie after the visit to Waitrose.. higher forces are screaming WHISKY MAC or something at me (not w/ the laph!) ;)

  • Check out vinopolis down at Borough market... they sell Glenrothes of various vintages and blends

  • Just got given a bottle of the non-cold-filtered expression from the folks at Ardbeg, and v nice it is too.

    Of the Balvenies, I'm all about the 21yr portwood, but then don't go expecting any peat…

    And as to Glenrothes, personally it's very hit or miss, depending on which you go for.

    But if it's smokey fishermen's boots your really after, I'm an unyielding fan of the Caol Isla cask strength: it's hardly subtle, but that extra lick of fire just keeps in an extra yard or two of smokiness, and that's how Christmas should be spent.

    Give Whisky Exchange a holler, too, if you fancy some advice…

  • +1 Ardbeg or Uncle Aardvark as some of my friends like to call it.

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Whisky / Whiskey / Bourbon

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