A Hard Day in January

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  • I won't be able to do the 2020 ride. I won't have been on the bike enough to do a hard day :(

    If anyone fancies a slightly easier day in January on the same day starting in Staines, I might be interested in organising that. I'd intend for it to be strictly FG or SS as per HDiJ and around 40 miles. Maybe take in one or two horrible hills, but overall the ride would be suited to anyone reasonably fit but who hasn't been able to spend a lot of time in the saddle.

  • I agree the cafe stop shouldn't make us too comfortable. I think Sheppy is a one way in one way out situation, but I can't speak to the route yet. I'll attempt to find something in keeping.

    As for the winds I can almost guarantee there will be a forreal headwind on the way back so no need to worry about that.

  • Ouch - 47 each way to Chatham from the metropolis of Molesey. Might have to drive across as 200 miles in Jan in one sitting might be a bit much.

  • You said this last time and still fared better than me!

  • Agreed

    If it’s not got bean cans for lampshades, we aren’t stopping

  • Last year was great fun, definitely in.
    So the 11th is the confirmed date? Gotta get in early on the staff rota.

  • Ok the event is up. Put the date in your diaries!

  • **A Slightly Easier Day in January **

    I hope I will be able to come with you on this, but not the same day as the main ride since I intend to support that one by car as I have done in recent years.

  • Sylvester in Denmark is making a tribute

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  • Excellent!

    Do you get any older club riders on fixed gear in Denmark? Admittedly in the UK it's rare but not unheard of. And obviously most longtime members of any road club are aware of the history of Fixed as a solid winter training option.

  • It happens regularly that I hear of fixed riders from the past. My older brothers rode cross on fixed bikes in the winter in the eighties

  • Thanks, Thuekr, for letting us know about this Danish version.

    I'm dead chuffed that my little event has now gone international!

  • Old fixed wheel users in England.

    It doesn't seem rare to me to see older riders on fixed, although this may just be my own little environment. My Hounslow clubmate Martyn Roach used fixed for clubruns from the mid 1970's onwards, as have a few other HDW riders.

  • https://www.facebook.com/events/13779989­29035325/

    Running a tribute up here. Going to make it A Slightly Less Hard Day in January with a full length option to try and attract some more riders.

  • Sounds like you'll be running a Harder Day in the Highlands 2021, right?

  • Maybe we re-do last years route on a different weekend but have two groups - full and half?

  • I’d like to ride fixed in the highlands so I’m sending positive vibes for a couple of successful years of a slightly less hard day in January which culminates in 2021’s harder day being Scotland based. This is all purely selfish of course.

  • We can sort this

    So I’m def in for HDIJ down south and if @M_V moves the date I could do the double (obvs don’t move it just for me)

    Sadly I can’t do Strathpuffer this year due to injury, but two nice slow, flat fixed rides are perfect recovery appaz....

  • Let's facilitate something like we did last year in the Peak District but a bit higher up? Maybe make a weekend out of it?

  • I'm game.

  • I know some routes around Pitlochry/Perthshire etc

  • Excellent everyone! Remember fixed wheel / SS only tho.

  • Well we got three including myself in the end. All fixed at least.

    There had been 28 ‘interested or going’ on the Facebook event but the weather put most off.

    The first half was utterly brutal, the bbc was saying 50mph winds at my flat which is pretty much sea level the route I planned took us over a road that’s probably 1000ft up over
    Moorland so you can imagine what that was like.

    I bailed near the end and got a train home having completed 85 of the projected 100kms, the other two carried on and finished.

    85km, 4000ft of climbing, 50mph+ winds, that’s a hard enough day for me.

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A Hard Day in January

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