A Hard Day in January

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  • I'd love to be involved and get a day riding with you all as last year was quite a let down for me. However I've moved out to the East coast, so would you all be willing to go on different roads? Getting to Staines for an early start isn't really an option for me now considering my dad responsibilities. Provisionally I'm thinking starting and ending in Chatham which is similar in distance (and experiential quality) to Staines, and there are trains from various stations in London. Then we can have a big day out gurning our fixies around the Kent Downs.

    Reasonable? I'm sure the 11th will be as good (or as bad) as another day in Jan.

  • In fact I have already found a nice way into the Downs, and have plenty of tried and tested lanes thereafter. Will try and keep the elevation reasonable, although sounds like it was all a bit too straightforward last year. All this being said if there is much chance of ice out there I probably won't be heading out. I have had my say with the winter asphalt thanks very much.

    Let me rephrase - the ride will be leaving from Chatham this year unless I hear major objections or drop outs from the masses

  • YES, was thinking about this the other day!

    Count me in for either weekend. And as an added bonus Chatham is even easier to get to for me!

  • It sounds really good but pretty much kills off the idea of a ride out - it’s a touch too far maybe? Depending on the route etc...

  • 30 miles out from the People's Independent Republic of Peckham, not too much different to Staines, no?

  • Yeah it's about 6-7 miles further than Staines

  • I mean I've never ridden out to one of these so...

  • I did once. Big mistake.

  • This might just be my year, or if conditions are dire could Thameslink to Swanley then ride the lanes to Chatham.

  • Hmmm... I make Staines just under 20, Chatham a bit over 30. Hey ho - you've just mentioned ThamesLink to Swanley and that starts at 5:30am so I'm sold.

  • Sounds like a plan! Definitely game.

  • RTC stickers for all!

  • If y’all are going to go through Bekesbourne please let me have you round for tea and cake and a warm fire

  • Thats sounds incredible. I'll let you know, although it would be hard work getting this lot back out on their bikes.

    I'm based in Whitstable - mind if I run the draft route past you to see what you think? Local knowledge is always welcome!

  • So who is up for the 2020 edition?

    I'll apply for yet another year of absence since I've been awarded with this little fellar.

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  • What's the nearest airport?

  • City.

  • Rochester.

  • You might need a private plane tho!

  • Yeah. That's me out for 2020.

  • Halfway house at the Independent Pedaler? Route dependant obvs.

  • Independent Pedaler, lol, it behind my mum’s place

  • All this chat made me dig out the sweet fixeh for my commute this morning.

    I may have gone from overgeared on the 2019 HDIJ to under in time for 2020. Hopefully that and the 2 stone dropped means I may not be quite so far off the back this time round

  • A few of us had a little chat in the pub last night about the half-way point situation. Independent Pedlar looks delightful! Maybe too delightful... The joy of H-cafe was that it's a bit crap, we're not really meant to be there and it's never quite warm enough.

    My thought was maybe finding somewhere a bit shit on the Isle of Sheppy (If it's not too much of a routing challenge) and hopefully battling through horrible winds whilst crossing the Kingsferry bridge and exposed along the flatlands on Sheppy. Something along those lines.....

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A Hard Day in January

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