A Hard Day in January

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  • My diary entry for Sunday January 11th 1959 reports that I went on a clubrun (West Twickenham Road Club) from Hampton to Petersfield - 91 miles. It was very cold, I was a poorly equipped 13 year old and it nearly killed me.

    However I have survived so far, and with my enthusiasm untarnished; next month I intend to do a 50th anniversary rerun. I hope to attract some media interest, the story line being: to do long hard ride all that's necessary is the will to do it, plus a bit of knowledge, you don't need to be in the prime of life or to have expensive kit. The first ride was done on fixed, the second one will be.

    I have a good photographer lined up (he took the modern Hounslow club run picture in the current issue of Cycling Weekly) I have promises from 3 companions, all strong riders.

    I'm looking for two lfgss riders to bring down the average age of the group - it's not essential, but it might look better. I don't want the group to be more than six.

    It will be a hard day with an early start, since I'm hoping to be back by nightfall - even in daylight the route is not specially safe. The exact date is yet to be arranged, it won't be the 11th.

    If anyone is interested and wants more information, please get in touch.

  • change it to a summer sunday and i might be interested.
    good luck.

  • Gutted I'm working that day. Have a good one, sounds like an ace idea.

  • Would be interested, but would prefer geared, 90 plus miles is a long way on fixed IMHO.

  • clubman, i might be interested in this. really need to know the date though in order to commit.

  • ignore me, reading original post fail.

  • Hey clubman, this sounds really interesting so put me down tentatively (dates permitting, etc.)

    I could do with a good HTFU ride!

  • I'd be well up for this. Pick a date and I'll be there, fingers crossed.

  • clubman, I'd say you wouldn't go far wrong with illy, jonny or hillbilly, they are all strong young fellows (except for jonny who's a strong codger) excellent fixed wheel animals.

  • Come on RPM, time for you to come out on a ride or 2.

  • I'd be up for this, though realise am a little late in responding

  • Come on RPM, time for you to come out on a ride or 2.

    I'll be busy on the track this season, no long rides for me.

  • I'll be busy on the track this season, no long rides for me.

    How you going to get your endurance up for the 100 lap madison at Hernhill?

  • by eating a bacon roll, because that's what I'll be doing during the endurance races!

  • I'd be up for this, too. It is January 11, right?

  • No, the date is not 11th Jan this time, as I said in the original post it is yet to be fixed, and obviously this will have to be done very soon after Christmas.

    I was not planning to use Hippy's suggested route, although that is more or less what we did in 1959. What I had in mind was something like this. Hampton, Staines, Chobham, Hogs Back, Hindhead - we have a good route on back roads for this part. From Hindhead to Petersfield I have to recce the route to make allowance for whatever roadworks there may be.
    Return by A325 and A30 (because there are street lights after Camberley). We may have to vary this because of weather conditions on the day: e.g. ice on the lanes early in the day.
    I don't think it's going to be possible to make an absolute commitment to one particular day, because none of us are going to do this in heavy rain or snow. I think the best way to deal with this is to name one day as a first preference, and then pick some back up dates in case the first day is impossible weatherwise. In 1959 we had tried to go the previous Sunday, but it was so icy we all fell off several times before we gave up; now we are slightly more sensible. Not very much more though.

    I think the best way of dealing with this now is for anyone who is keen to come to ring me. My mobile no. is on the personal details section of the forum. I'll be available tonight (monday), before 11pm, up to 10.30 am tomorrow, Christmas eve probably from about 3pm on. Otherwise after Boxing Day.

  • Hmmm, interested in this clubman. Will be riding from Ashford. Will pm you at some point regarding this.

  • bump!?!

  • Yeah, is there any news, clubman?

  • What they said ^^

  • What they said ^^


  • Count me in too.

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A Hard Day in January

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