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  • Ooooops -­

    On the whole, I've been bloody lucky!

    I'm going to stop thinking about this week and enjoy memories of last week instead

  • Shit! I guess it's good you finally found out but damn, if you'd had an accident..!

  • Here's me savouring the last day in Tignes (I think)

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  • Nice!

    Here’s me in Lagrave on my last day, at the exact moment I realised it had better be my last run ...

  • Hehe, did one of those and the usually pretty excellent onepiece suit I've been sporting this year filled up like a trawl net. Had to undress in the wet snow and shake everything out.

  • Is it time to start thinking about this yet or no? It might just happen with a bit of luck..........

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  • I follow Meribel on Instagram, there was some kid of announcement yesterday but haven't found out what it is yet, tone didn't sound too promising though

  • Have I tried to flog my burton step on bindings and boots here yet (UK 10)? Got them last year, used them for a week but didn't get on with the boots, the step on system worked fine though.

    LMK if anyone's interested, I'm in Sweden so there will be postage costs to consider.

  • 20th of Jan for France I think. Austria might hopefully open sooner though. I could always skip back to my home town in Sweden and the local place but it won't be the same as the above image. More like t-bar lifts and bulletproof piste.

  • Thin my dayz of ski hols are over. Mad times.

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  • I think as above, France and Italy have said no to opening before Christmas, but I Austria seem to be pushing back as it's a huge part of their economy, so perhaps that might be the option. Unless you're loaded and can afford Switz.

    Ed Leigh is posting regular updates and reports on instagram.

  • burton step on bindings and boots

    Edit - now sold so removed pics etc

  • So anyone got any riding in or been watching Natural Selection?

  • any riding in

    Not yet but off to a cabin in the north of Sweden (midriff really but still) on Friday for a week of socially distant fun, hopefully.

    Going to the main continent, or even Norway which is our usual holiday goal seems like it’ll have to wait until next season

  • Sounds delightful!
    I was hoping for some desperate UK focussed ZOMGSNOW!!1! action though.

  • I'm sure you're bored of my North Downs #content

  • Ah go on then. From Tuesday

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  • That's the stuff! Who needs the alps.

  • Not jealous.

    (Bit jealous)

  • Just needed some wine and Richard's YIP YIP YIP to be perfect

  • These endless roads. Snowing where we’re going so looking forward to tomorrow!

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  • Enjoy! I'm going to let @monkdagola share this morning's content

  • -18°C this morning, brrr

    Some ok riding though, am here with my medium sized kids so not too action packed but ok.

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  • 2days late, but great for some Monday motivation.

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