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  • Do the latter and then maybe sell it if your suspicions turn out to be accurate?

  • Yeah that’s probably the right move. I’ve already got the relevant bits and bobs lying around to set it up so it’s not like I’d need to buy anything extra. Apart from maybe wheels as I cannot for the life of my find the set of ricta clouds I had spare…

  • Is this one of the one's you've already posted here? Would be keen to see it.

  • It's this one. You can't really see the shape properly from that angle. The nose has a nice subtle taper, as does the tail.

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  • Ah yeah, I really dig this one.

  • Anyone recommend some cruiser wheels that are "easy" to slide but still ok to ride around on?

    I know it's probably more a matter of technique & practice more than anything but if I could break the traction at lower speeds it might give me more confidence to throw myself into it a bit more - there are a few great mellow-ish hills near my work I envisage myself carving down cool as you like but it doesn't take long to get way beyond footbrake speeds, bailing & running like fuck while desperately hoping for the best is not really an option, haha

  • Something with a rounded edge for sliding. Cruising (to me) means bigger, softer wheels. So something like this:­/cult-creator-72mm-green-stoneground ?

  • Cheers, will have a look! Looking at the difference in width (contact patch) to my current setup, that's something I hadn't really considered - was thinking I would need harder wheels which might be a bit rattly on rough surfaces

  • Been forever since I was into this stuff, but would have thought you want at least 80a if you genuinely want to slide.

  • Cheers all - some options to think about there

  • Casper is an absolute beast. In 25 years of skating at/ watching skating at South Bank, I don't think I've ever seen anyone Ollie over the 7 and into the bank - the speed you'd have to carry into that is Bananas.

    On a separate note - my Daughters' boyfriend had his board stolen at the Grove DIY yesterday (no menaces or violence, it was pinched when he turned his back). He's 15, absolutely gutted and can't afford to put a new set-up together, so I thought I'd check whether anyone on here has an old complete that they wanted to sell?

  • Finally made it to Lyme skatepark after being here all week. Turned up and pretty much instantly my daughter managed to knock a tooth out and chip another.

    Does it make me a bad parent that I’m still mainly gutted about having my first skate for a while cut short?

  • If you followed the Jamie Griffin story this is fucking amazing. If you didn’t it is too.

  • Ah, I’ve not had a chance to see that yet. I could watch him all day - such a consistent and nice style.

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