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  • Animal Chin.. that brings back some memories!

  • Aw, cool LV sticker... 🖤

  • Talking about cool stickers.
    I made some of these:

    A little inspired by these

    You can get them here. Money goes to the forum.

  • Excellent! Ordered a few 👌

  • I can feel my current board coming to the end of its life, so I’ll save them for the next one :-)

  • Cool. Post a pic when it happens

  • Got t-shirt potential too, that design…

  • Yeah I’d wear that. If I go for it I’ll mention it on here for sure.

    I’ll be posting your stickers on the way to work.

  • On the topic of magazines, I run this Dutch focused magazine:

    But it should be available for purchase across the pond soon as well! Sorry for the blatant #advertisement

  • Best random gift ever from my partner.
    Torn between relearning to skate on it or just hanging it on the wall and basking in its glory.

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  • Some really nice photography there!

  • Well I’d intended to pop one of them on my daughters board (much less likely to be boardslid off) but I dropped it and it landed sticky side down on my board! 😂

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  • Is there any old man skate crews round e17 way anyone knows of that are welcoming? Need a nudge to get back into it but don’t want the kids at Lloyd Park laughing at me. Got a curb down the road that’s out of everyone’s way I can start with..

  • I ollied over a board on its side first attempt on Sunday, the joy is unexplainable. Not bad for nearly 18yrs out of it. :D
    Heelflips down steps again are a distant dream but felt great to have a productive hour on the board.

  • Nice! My ollies have been feeling more and more not-shit since I’ve been skating again ‘properly’. Took me a while, but I’ve got the hang of popping out of banks again. Just in time for shitty winter weather to scupper what little free time for skating I have!

  • Couple of hours practicing my ollies has left me with one hell of a bruise! Don’t remember that as a kid :/
    Need some big chunky shoes like we all had back in the late 90s.

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  • Ouch! I’ve been trying to get board slides on higher blocks recently. I found I had a hole in my front foot inner ankle after a while: every time I wasn’t landing it, I’d come off in the same way and my board would tap that same place on my ankle. After a while of just being tapped in the same place, it kind of wore through the skin :-D

  • Shit morning of skateboarding. Has a couple o hours free while waiting for feedback on a project. Decided to try a skatepark I’d not been to. Had to traipse across muddy fields. Got to it and it was soaking and so were my shoes anyway. Decided it wasn’t worth muddying my grip tape up for so traipsed home, deflated. I could have just gone to my usual spot which dries off super fast and has a car park right next to it :-/

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