Ovalized Tubes

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  • Ovalised tubes,
    Yes, i have no idea whether they are really detrimental to the frame itself,
    like does it make it weaker or what?
    The only problem i could think of is not being able to fit or remove a seatpost from an ovalized seat tube.

    Reason for asking,
    considering buying this frame,
    but maybe the fact that there are no bids says enough..

  • the top of these raleigh frames is rounded negates issues with posts
    it was called aero tubing and the flared out oval look was ound on the famous aero burner and a few mid eighties race bikes as far as i know
    never had any strength issues with burners as far as im aware (its reynolds)

  • my understanding is that it's designed to make the frame stiffer.

    an oval is more resistant to bending (along one axis) than a circle, so for example it can be used to reduce lateral flex around the bottom bracket.

  • If you run into a bus... your headtube will be 'ovalised'.

  • Don't they do that on BMX frames for added strength?

  • Matching ovalised seatposts are quite hard to find at a decent price nowadays :(

  • Matching ovalised seatposts are quite hard to find at a decent price nowadays :(

    it takes a regular seat post.

  • You have no ability to detect humour.

  • You have no ability to detect humour.

    I didn't realise he was another scouser. (I know he won't mind me saying this).

  • That frame listing is a little bit inaccurate......

    for a start it's 501 tubing with high ten rear triangle and forks, and dates from mid 80's, it's the frame from a record sprint or quasar/pulsar (can't remember which one of those)

    Not sure the aero tubing does anything at all, especially as it's lugged so is round at the ends, it does look kinda cool though, and "aero" was all the rage back then....

    I've got one of those and it's okay to ride, quite heavy with big clearances, but head and seat angle are a couple degrees steeper than normal so easy to throw around, and they feel nice and bombproof....a good beater frame....


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Ovalized Tubes

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