Spinergy REV-X axle query

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  • Just bought these from americaland, missing one set of bearings and both axles, I have found a company that sell total axle kits but they are close to £25 a set.

    My question is, has anyone had any experience with these and if so, can I put an axle from another wheel in without damaging the wheel? Ta

  • what are you doing with those?

    and why weren't you there last night?

  • Don't even go there.... had pregnant-hormonal-angry-happy-sad-angeli­c-evil girlfriend.... she thought she had something awful wrong with her and sobbed all evening... actually, so did I! Anyway, turns out that she's slightly anemic so alot of fuss/panic over nothing really... she said I could go if I wanted but it was said in a 'if you do i'll shred all your clothes and shit in your pillow' kind of way.....

    Sorry, anyway, wheels, I bought one for my hack bike and one for a nice track bike planned for next year.... team-bobob for the win!!! (or team-fat-cnut FTW!!)

  • I haven't even looked at the thread yet as am so naffed off.....

  • aww, bad luck mate.

    are they tubulars?

    I have no idea whether, say, a shimano compatable axle would work in those, in any case if you have one knocking around, try it

    if not, isn't it worth getting the real deal for £25?

  • Aye they be tooooberlers sonny...... pain in the arse for road use I know, the guy advertised them as clinchers... still, I payed peanuts for them (both front 700's) so not gonna send 'em back.

    I'll have a fiddle when home tonight... ooer... i've got a phil hub I can take apart along with a 105 and exage front hub I can dismantle/break/lose

    If all else fails then yep, i'll buy the real deal, i'm just being a cheap skate as it's close to christmas!

  • you could sell them on?

    I want a set of tubular wheels for racing next year, I wonder if they'll be up to my might..will they flex under the pressure of such big grunt!

  • Not for sale big boy..... well, not yet anyway! I'll let you know if I do but have had my beady eye on these for a while.... anyway, if they take my weight they sure will take your boney ass! :)

  • haha!

    I'm talking power not weight.

    anyone can be fat, but can you generate the wattage?

  • i think they are shimano as those surly fixxer things work on the rears.

  • Hmmmm.... well i'm gonna take one home tonight and see what comes up....

  • Where did you find the axle kit? I've got a rev-x thats been collecting dust for months without an axle.

  • Anyone else had any luck getting hold of a rev-x axle kit?

  • Cant seem to find a replacement axle anywhere, have ordered an atomlab one from CRC but Im not sure if itll work out. Does anyone have any other suggestions as to what else might work? Hed3 axle maybe?

  • could you send the old one to a machine shop to get a replica made?

  • I guess so, but Id have no idea who/what/where etc.

  • i had a fucked trispoke axle, and managed to replace it with just a standard one from another wheel, seemed to work fine.

  • I ordered a replacement axle thingy from crc but it doesnt fit, the good news however is that it seems that it is litterally just the skewer that got bent.
    My problem is now that while I can easily get another track axle skewer, one of the spacers got chipped and Ive no idea what I can replace it with. Anyone got any suggestions?

  • i got one (two technically) now that i cant use my trispoke which you can have

  • Brilliant!

  • Nice modern hub desing Rev-x you got there


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Spinergy REV-X axle query

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