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  • There’s definitely this lifestyle aspect to it. I’ve been watching the Kella videos and the stories of ‘racking’ paint, food, booze all day long and surfing the underground and buses writing all night. The act of vandalism and absolutely destroying insides of buses and trains is a major part of the culture/life and having credibility.

  • So not dissimilar to the fixie fakenger craze that took over London in 2007, it spawned a whole fandom of events, forums, shops and media attention.
    All on the back of couriers riding their fixed wheel bicycles in an attempt to earn a crust to buy gear and red stripe.
    The money moved in and so did the urban fashion fixie spread in E.S magazine wearing a rapha ‘fixed’ jersey and pair of cut downs astride the fasion editors pinarello, cycling cap at a jaunty angle.

  • That's it exactly.

    One just takes from the original culture without adding to it or preserving the original ethos

  • Good account for 80s/90s stuff, from the original photographer’s collection:

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  • quite like these 2 at the Thames path

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  • Mind bogglingly good. Pop so much.

    Something comparatively shite while my son was drawing Harry Potter characters. Wanted to do something with some colour.

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  • Anyone in this thread know where I can but ‘female’ or ‘hermaphrodite’ caps in the uk?

    I use a lacquer that comes in a ‘male’ can and it clogs caps like it’s going out of fashion. I’d really like to be able to buy a bag of caps so that I can just check em when they clog.

    I’ve tried cleaning them btw, but once they clog they just don’t work the same.

  • NM, found them.


    big graf festival happening in Leicester this week, loads of artists, events, workshops etc.

  • Bristol

  • Up fest starts this weekend. Some big pieces going up round Bristol.
    Hope to check it in the coming weeks.

  • Yes, I may try to get down there. I was out with my mate who lives in bedminster last night and he invited me down tomorrow but I cannot make it.

  • Anyone who happens to walk through the creekside cut through with the graffiti arches at Deptford Creek keep an eye out for a bloke with a clipboard there. Stopped me the other day to ask a few questions for a research project for Kent University they're doing about the works on the arches there. Was only about 10 minutes and seemed like it would be an interesting study.

  • Had a wander round last weekend. Thinking I might enter next year if I can get a few come-back pieces under my belt in the mean time :-)

  • Was digging around in the loft and found this, I think I bought it on eBay a couple of years ago when under the influence and my partner vetoed it. Think I’ll get it framed and sneak it in the home office.

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  • Likewise, just had a scroll back through this thread and saw your Zombie print 👌
    The Diabolical DubStars were burned into my brain from my first train trips into London in the early 90s. Now I live in the sticks I don’t come across much but I did venture into Chesham not long ago and had to stop for this massive Catch dub. I copied that ‘C’ so many times!

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  • Went for wonder round Bedminster on sat. Some amazing pieces up especially the 3 massive ones. Do it get involved 🙌🙌🙌. I'll post up a few pics from Sat oh and can recommend Sonys stores for food really nice restaurant.

  • Piece of history there. Silver and rough black, love it. DDS the PBS all along the thameslink into kings x, burned into my brain as well.

  • another nice one

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  • Some Paisley work

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  • And Cambuslang

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  • First I was “why has Dennis the Menace got a black cock coming out of his eye socket / mouth? What is the political message here?”

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Graffiti artists

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